Thursday, June 16, 2005

pertama... bkan komplex tu lah doh.

the web...taylor's. today was very moodish o. the teacher was scolded at me in almost facing near me. No mood the whole day today. felt like studying, but felt lazy at the same time. felt very stupid, and felt like the stupidest guy at the same time. IQ below 50 ma (flailing hands in the air, with eyes rolling with centripetal accel.) okok bloggers aint complainers, so today, went all the way to bk at 10am, just to find out tht they only serve breakfast.....what, hmm this blog isnt interesting at all... gotta catch the reader's interest. maybe shud put a thesis in it. *restart*

......aiyah u want a thesis ask ms.NGGGG(do this: NGGGGGG...gehhhhhh, NGGGGG...gehhhh) sounds like ur shi'in rite.

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