Wednesday, July 27, 2005

27 . 7 . 2005

Yo haha yo yo wassup people in the house,
im so cool im buyin u a blouse,
u think ur cool but i watch mickey mouse,
so im cool bashin u at the guard house.

OK hello manz and womanz, Maths CT3 O V E R with the capital O, Vee, Eee, and Are. woohoo, but shit, quest. 1, expected return?

What, what, uh yeah, doin maths with the insurance policy,
what i say an insurance policy for a four fifty GC,
Doin tutorial monday so u better watch me,
As im gonna be up front wat kan ngo geh pei si.

so yeah, haven't updated in a looong time. Nah u c urself la.
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Miss Ng's appearance that day seriously shocked us ALL that day.

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Albert became ultraman,

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Alvin stunned,

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This jabroni also stunned,

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Another one,

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2nd last one.

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Not a jabro, but was stunned as well.


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