Monday, July 04, 2005

wah, argh!

5.17pm Monday, again. Sigh, here now begins the start of the week, the week when spirits roam the hallways of taylor's college, the week when burung Gagaks soar above the skies, the week which i need to present another ESL presentation, the week which i need to report to the program office about my progress, like Charlie Gordon. So my resolution for this week is to do my homework, every single one imaginable, not that their imaginary. It's concrete, according to mr.lee. alritee-o, here we go.(not 1600 x 720 pixels)

Progris report 1.
English wass cool, got to see 2 groups presenting their presentation (like duh right? that's what you're suppose to do with a presentation, you present them STUPID!Then what else?) [Wrap them up and give it to someone as a birtthday present DUMB ASS!] . Sorry ignore the consciences (That's NOT HOW YOU SPELL IT STOOOPEEED!). *rassa-frassa mumble-grumble* CHEMISTRY, electrolytic cells, ok kinda got it, MSL, didn't even frigging know how to do the first question, sigh, i'm so damn ( STOOOOOOOOPID!!) ... yeah ok thanks for the encouragement halla-ballooo. Maths, wah mrs.Lim puji me ( FOR BEING STOOOPID!) hehe my most hated teacher puji-ed me. Mental note: Give her some credit next time and don't say 'the whiteboard' when she asks, "What am i looking at?". ( EVEN YOOUU GOT MENTAL ONE AR? MENTAL UP YOUR BUTT LA). Physics, ting.
sorrylah the pics today no funning.
so right during break, went to the market, there was this cat(why not say pussycat you perv?) CAN YOU F***ING SHADDUP AARRHH??!?!! . JEEZ e s .
yeah so there was this kat, (...) ,( have a kit kat?) GARHHH!!! here are the pics k bbye bye,..
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Caterpillar, on the right. On dan's plate, shit.
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SUPER kawaii. i like cats. ( POOSEEEKATSSS!!)
full stop

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bah said...

eeeeayyyyyyttttt atttt!!! i dunno if i ate any caterpillars..if there were any in my plate other than that one....but it'll be great...coz then i will get butterflies in my

and its cawaii!!!not kawai...hahaha...dunno leh...the japs think its cuter that way...bahhhh