Sunday, December 04, 2005

Return from A Famosa, Malacca.

He fumed with anger when he was forced to get off dreamland. "Go where now...." "EAT!, whole day dun nid to eat 1 ar?" *rassa frassa grumble mumble grrrr* yea so we went to this tiny piece o shitto restaurant, with its 'unavailable' in KL's roti tawar..

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When it was my turn at the wheel,

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i flashbacked on the time i did something with my dad's proton wira...

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When i tried to apply wut i did to the go-kart or so they call it, i was on the highway to HELL!

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As the front wheels on the all terrain vehicle went smack right into the pool of brown shitty looking water. Pieces of earth were flung in the air and came down bombarding me and my sis.

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yea then the fire-eaters who cant even dum-fuggin say "Welcome to A Famosa resort!"
It sounded more like "WOHkam Too EH FEmsa RESAHT!"

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While I was tryin to look cool drinkin a half a draft of beer with my dad after the night parade in Cowboy town, the quite bitter taste reminded me of the night praevin puked, before he puked there was this convo which i thot was really WHATTHEFUCK?HA HA type of convo..Litat,Alvin and Daniel Yap were the ones in the intense discussion when Praevin came in and erm, 'helped'


"hey we need to bring back the rum from P's room"
"Daniel u go take la"
"What Am I gonna say?, what if P dun wanna give it to me?"
"But if we bring it back up we have to hide it from praevin, he will surely drink it"
"Ya Daniel you go take first before Praevin comes out from the toilet"
"But what Am i suppose to say?"
"We have to hide the rum"

*Praevin exits the loo

"What? I can go get the rum"
"no no u sit down, i duwun u to walk outside"
"litat pls, i need to take a walk, i go take rum"
"no u cant"
"please, i need to"


In my mind, i was laughing my ass off at them comfortably under the blanket." wuthefuck? just go down and get the rum and bring it up??" omfg..i said to myself the hilarious but immense situation was real FUNNY.

p o s e r s

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part 1 malacca trip end...

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