Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Return from Malacca part 2

*Yawnz* ANother BORING family trip.*sui chai* U Kwang would quote me. Reached malacca had a dumb lunch and went into CowBoy Town WOOPEE halabaloo! I'm So excited ! I am I am! sheesh...bored like dumbledore. TOwards the end of the night visit to that 'cowboy town' there's a parade see...which starts from one side of the street to the other end. The opening , wah quite amazing lo, they had white pigeons fly from one end to the other then turn and make their way around..like wow..i cant even train myself to do tht ! Then comes the *ahem* 'interesting' part. *SMILES SO WIDELY!!* at the end of the parade they ask the audience to get to the dancefloor to DANCE!! and i was like ...fuck no..those parade dancers started off the dance..the macarena.. the street was long till you could barely recognize who was at the end of it.. so there were these 2 circles, ppl started joining them. HECKLAH join only la try to make this miserable trip ABIT fun loR!!... so yeah i went into the first circle they did the macarena so fast and i looked so dumb trying to follow them. The 8-stepped dance was pure embarassment..sigh. I looked around anxiously to see if any bastard laughin at me or not...As i scanned the people in my circle towards the right i saw her. Huh? Is that her? Is that the girl which i laid my eyes on since the start of college? Is that the girl who sold me a piece of chocolate for 2 bucks? the one that made me so nervous during my ESL trial examination because she sat beside me. What are the chances lah. I guess she felt tht i was staring at her for a moment...she glanced back, I wasn't sure as i hardly looked at her during college, let alone talk. She looked away, *PHEW*, it isn't her. Within that split-second she spun her head flinging her lovely hair behind her back and said to me,


"Eh? So ngam 1??"
"Oh its you! Hi! urm..."
Out of excitement i blurted out,
"Can I have a picture with you?"
She replied with a sweet melodious "ok"


What are the chances like seriously here's a diagram to show...the street is longer in reality, and she had to be in the same circle as I did.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And behold! Candy Girl!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

not very clear cause i tooked tht shot from a developed photograph.

After the picture


I tried to resume our convo
"wow, what a coincidence"
"Yea, i came today"
"Do you perhaps think it's fate?"
She looked at me while her iris sparkled under the shimmering moonlight.
"I love u..."
her eyes grew intense as she moved her lips closer towards mine and said,
"me too......"


GOTCHA!!! wahahagagagajajajabababubububu.

then the next day in the animal safari met her thr like so many times. When we were to be parted on our last encounter. She said "I'm going back already", she was so gosh darned cute!

My hearted remained melted on the way back to PJ.

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