Friday, December 30, 2005

"Tang Chee Fei?" "Yes, speaking"

"whadda fuck you want?"
"urm...I'm calling from Monash to tell you that ur offer package is ready, Thats the fuck i want!"

"oh okay so when can i collect it?"
"anytime now"
"oh okay, thanks, I will collect it today"
"you're welcome, suck shit 76 ter also can enter"
"Can I ask you a question? Fuck you"

bwahahaha i can enter with my under the min requirements SAM results yay...haha SAM is easy even a piece of shit like me can do tht, any F5ers reading this now. Don't think, Do SAM! Uncle SAM wants YOU!

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So i went there with Sean, who's not going to monash and Adrian, who haven't receive a call from monash YET...went to the receptionist,

"Hi, I'm here to to collect my offer package?"
"Ok give me your name"
"Tang Chee Fei"
"Give me"
"Huh? Tang Chee Fei"
*she hands out her hand but looking downwards nvr looking at me , bz at her work ma*
*Searches my wallet
"Will this do?"
*Hands out taylors student card
"That's my name there"
*She looks at my Card, and look at me* *MMpphhs...Giggle...mmmpphh....*

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Mahem she fucking laughing at my pic, FUCK YOU, You also laugh? machowhai X X ,click the X at the top right corner now pls. Mahder my blog laugh at me la. Niasing ni.

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wan takau?

"Please wait"
"Ok"(cibai sohai)
"here is your offer package, if you have any further inquiries you can always call us, our number is inside the envelope"

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"ok thank you very much"
*Fakes a **charming smile XD

--- later in the evening, had a function in a relative's house. And as a Noob speaking, this is what i have to say about Heineken.
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It is less gassier then Carlsberg and the aftertaste is not as bitter as carlsberg's, so i guess it shud be better then carlsberg. Cizo!

P/S : Maybe it's old i dunno but download this audio file called zhng my car from the Mr.Brown show omfg its funny fuck.

p.p/s :Sing to Alladin's A whole new world chorus.

~~~~ A WHOLE nuuuuuuuu year,
A Dazzling time i never knew,
It's time to get a girl,
Who won't make me hurl,
That is my new year's re-so-lu-tion

Unbelivable chicks,
Indescribable booties,
Soaring, tumbling and m_stur_ _ - ting
Through an endless time,

Don't you dare turn to gay,
A hundred thousand porns to watch,
Hold your breath it gets better,
I'm like a machine gun,
I've cum so far,
I can't go back to where I used to be.

A wholee.....nuuuu.....year.........~~~~~

p.p.p/s : I'm not a perv, see the halo above me? ^-^

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