Saturday, December 24, 2005

Those were the days, Fuck You!

Yesterday night, pegi Rain dan minum besama orang orang kelas, which were, P, adry, Tat, annie, sean, and....Berttie and me! It was alright we plan to go clubbing(amateur speaking here) on tues' and *ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?* P will try to get candy to come muahahaz i luv u P!! muaksiez~* ! anyways yeah i drank this so called AK-47 IT TASTES LIKE SHIT SHIT SHIT, i drank half and adri helped me finished the rest because it tastes so SUCK SUCK SUCK! like medicine!! I'm gonna complain to Emily's boss 1 day! bwahahah and yer gonan lose ur job melee!(em)

yayaya when we returned home thx sean for the sacrifice for not drinking and sending us home, yaya so my dad and his frenz were still sitting outside the house drinking with two of his frens sue was supposed to join us but she wuz scared, personally i was scared too, till i realised they were(one of them at least) BITCH DRUNK AHHAZ!

So i tried my best to erm, re-enact, re-call, re-say wut they said?.. Some will be in cantonese so if u dun understand HAH THEN TOO BAD CUZ IM RACIST! .. xD jk i'll translate them for u lahz.

We entered the house

dad : ken u ask ur frenz whether wanan join us to drink or not?
me : Hah?.. errr i tink they duwun la
dad : Never mind u ask first
Me : Ah, ok.

*asks and blabla sat down at the table

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uncle lau : Wah lei tei yat ko, ahh fuck the cantonese, Wah u all 1,2,3, all so hemsem arh?
But where is the stock? No stock today?
Dad : What stock?
Adry : Stock?
Me : No girls?
Uncle Lau : Yes! where is the girls? Girls where?
Adry : No girls lah uncle, next time you come and drink with us then you can see the girl.
Uncle Lau : Yes good. Good guy, You are eh good guy i tell you.
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Uncle Jo(to my dad) : Wei Burn lah wei, you haven't drink yet.
Dad : Burn.
Adr : What's burn?
Me : It's to finish drinking i think
Uncle Lau : Clear the glass, clear the glass.
Uncle Lau(to dad) : your son also know how to say burn ah.

*so we be burnin
*after a few gulps

Me : *Gags gagging*
Me : shit

*runs to the porch, vloiwwkkkk....ppphiu...

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thats my vomit... =.=;

went back to the table which is also round.
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Uncle lau(to adrian) : So where you guys sent back? huh? whaaat you doing?
Uncle Jo(to uncle lau) : Oi burn lah what YOU doing. You say what who asnwer you.
Uncle Lau : I love chirstmas
Adrian : Me too
Uncle Lau : Nia sing christmas i dont come out i stay at home and drink myself, but there is no snow in australia during christmas, It is fucked up i tell you, Fucked up. Walking in the winter wonderlaaand....Do they purposely kill turkeys for christmas? Sure or not? You know ah, actually Lau Tak Wah(Andy Lau) is my friend.
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A,S,K : oh...okay..
Uncle Lau : You all 1,2,3 all also very hemsem i tell you, very hemsem.
Dad: you say like that means we not handsome only.
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Uncle Jo : We are handome. Last time, now its not our age to be handsome mah. Those were the days lah.
Uncle Lau(to Uncle Jo) : yeah, Hey!, Those were the days, FUCK YOU! (to me,adr,sean) Nia SING him He think last time he very hemsem woH!
Dad : Oklah last glass, burn! burn! Ken, drink more water.
Me : Ya ya. ( i was already sick to the stomach)
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*adrian and sean drank finish and Sien was red as the colour of hell, adr was like normal only but he's not, motherfucker he's NUTS!
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When they all left including dad, we were left to suffer!!!
Sean and I both cannot move, Head compressed and spinning faster then you can *I'm not saying it here*

Sean : Kenneth, my head is spinning Wah I've never drinked(<---LOLX) so much in a short time before . WAH WAH i can't feel my nerves! WAH
Ken : U can puke there if u need, dun move ur head, make u worse only, your brain.
Sean: *walks to the front porch and sat down, beside my puke.
vloiwwkkkk....ppphiuewwkkkk.... VIUOK GAGGING VIOUKKKKKAAHH
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Ken : HAHA he finally vomitted! haha adrian, do me a favour and take a picture of his puke please.
Nuts adrian : OKAY!
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Being not able to stand the whirlwind in my head i lied down on the wooden bench,
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trying to sleep hopefully things will be bett.. VLIOUUUKWKWOKWOJODJ VOOSHHH BLUEKKKKSS
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I promise if i'm going to go clubbin on tuesday i wont have a single drop of alcohol in my mouth..i wont sorry noo..

Adrian : HAHA! kenneth vomited again Im gonna take picture of you! Come on give me one more big onee..UWEKKK UWEKK!
Me : Adrian, stop...
Adr : Stop what? taking pictures or talking to you??
Me : shut up..
Adr : what? You want me to shut up?
Me : *Saliva dripping down* shadup..
Me : ohhhhh...moannn...groann.......*no not wut u tink u pervs*]

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drunkard took this himself.

* half an hour later they were not outside anymore, one went in, one to my room, i slept outside then to the sofa inside till 5am. Went up to my room to pee... wtf i see whitish yellowish flakes inside. Bloody HAHAHA Adrian vomited as well! woohoo!! diu vomit all my Wise brand potato chips out waste my money only.

nothing beats pure H2O at this point.
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So, Know your limits. And eat a turkey for your christmas! Christmas merry to you

P/S: this is what the actual results look like for my SAM programme. Not some paper signed by erm, Saranette miles williams.
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p.p.s : I think they look alike XD

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Candy and Cyndi

........ *heart melts

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