Monday, February 06, 2006

Hokkien's Chinese New Year February 06 2006

Today I learned that it is the Hokkien's Chinese New Year and wow, the fireworks were as if it was the Actual chinese new year. Today i went shopping with my Family! oh i feel so goodie boy now! I bought Geisha by Liza Dalby, the first non-japanese to become a geisha! what-a-kahoot!
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After reading memoirs of a geisha. Man I've been so absorbed by it lately that i really want to know more, and want to be japanese!! Just came back from relative's house Pork N' Fruit Supper for the Hokkien CNY.....Celebration? Outside on the porch 6 folding plastic tables joined with plates of fruits in an abundance. In the middle of all the sweet rainbow coloured delicacies was a Roasted Pork, the whole of it, wrapped in ClingWrap.

"Rm600 more"
"I follow!"
Dealer : "? OK DEAL?"
*The pool on the centre of the table had already sum up to a total of Rm1400 and the winner, my grandfather's sister's husband grabbed it all. That round lasted only 8 minutes and a guy just got A thousand four hundred ringgit richer. I couldn't even get that working long shifts at Secret Recipe. That round was done and it is 11.50am 05 January 2006 10 minutes till the Hokkien's Chinese new year. A crowd gathered at the porch to light their incense to pray for whatever they hope for.
I prayed to successfully earn my degree in Monash and get a job with a salary ofRM2k and above At least...and office more hard labouring for me please.
Some guy butchered the roasted pork and was split among the relatives, I had a piece in my hand, which was both fat and flesh, fifty-fifty. *Yuck how am I going to eat this???* When I sucked the juice out of it, Man, IT TASTES SO MUCH BETTER THAN Irish Lamb Stew, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Greek Lamb Chop, Italian Ham(<--HUH??) combined! Of course such indulgence was a Sin, that's why they taste so GOOD!! *SLURRPP* After finishing the last bite with the meat filled with salts and herbs, the washroom is now my sanctuary, i washed my hands, following the 7 proper steps and then because of the oil, washed my face as well, rubbed my eye to hard my contaxx on my right eye went out of position. It was now half above my..erm..Iris?...Cornea?...Dunno what issit called... Image hosting by Photobucket
Ouch, even after i removed my lenses, it still felt like a grain of sand was stuck to my, RETINA??? yaya thats inside the eye...STuck to muh EYEBALL!!! BALL BALL BALL...
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