Sunday, February 19, 2006

Liverpool SUXORS!

Only, supporting what my friends support. =) .
Wake up early morning had to fetch my granma from my house all the way to Puchong, *my uncle's house.
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Hard at work in the morning cleaning his NEW house.

Hehe, and that afternoon Adrian called me and ask tonight if can come to my house or not, I said duwun lar go other ppl's place la, cause actually I lazy serve this and that haha, but UNFORTUNATELY, my dad was beside me.

"Why Ken? Your friend wanna come ah?"
"Oklah ask them come lah, when go home I tell you what your friends can drink"

*Adrian still on the phone*

"Oi, oklah comelah, what time you all coming?"
"around nine?"
"duwun so early la cause scared my granfather say things la, around nine thirty to ten lo"
"Ahh, okaylah, see you, bye"
"k, bye"

around 10 plus the Liverpool and MU match was already ending, then they came, Adrian, U Kwang and Li Tat, with two bottles of coke. We settled down in front of the TV and I brought up my dad's Black Label and Chivas(very little left), after we got our share, except UKwang the AhMat, Li Tat sapu all, hehe and then helped himself to the Black Label and went home after the match ended with Liverpool 1, MU 0. Sorry ya Tat forgot to bring out my cam just now.

Later, we watched You Got Served, wow, the dance moves in the movie dam geng, dam smooth, dam hip and hopping. Yeah, UH!, let's bounce bro. By the end, I couldn't help but bounce a bit to the music myself. Hehe. About time to go home, Adrian wanted abit more, so we 'continued' downstairs.

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~~~And behold my fellow readers, a rare picture of Mr. Ling U Kwang looking directly at the~~ ~~~~~~~~~~camera with none of his facial parts blocked with hands or balls.~~~~~~~~~~~

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This pic is so rare that I started copyrighting my photos, hehe. It's rare dude, if you were to put this to be bidded by the people who know how camera shy U Kwang is, fuhh, 210% guarantee price shoot up 5 times higher than the Monalisa Potrait.

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"Dude, I have the leaning tower of Pisa up my beh-gina"

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2nd rarest, but cannot see 1...blur...gotta get a better cam.

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I think she saw a cat.

The night was good, had some laughs out of it. hehe. This one's for the guys, enjoy ya!

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Elaine, from HyperTune magazine.

Sweet sweet Elaine.

P/S: See! I'm not a Pedo!

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