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Memoirs of a Waiter

"So how much do you pay us?"
"Rm4 an hour"
"oh erm...when can we start?"
"When can YOU start? i ask you back"
"Ok so you guys will report in on sunday at 12 noon"
"Ok thank you"

I didn't have the power to speak and the conversation was between Sean and the Boss of a few secret recipe outlets. I begin working there on the 1st of january.

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Working as a waiter, you will learn :

1) That being polite can be very rewarding :- Tips Tips Tips, but is split among the workers, SUCK!

2) That malays are god lazy :- Hanging behind the bar or Smoking at the stairway behind.

3) That Some indians have just got Class, Wisdom and Patience whereas some are just Downright Egoistic and argh! tak boleh tahan!! :-not being racist here...really.

4) To be more patient.

5) to look forward to weekdays and rainy days:- Less customers for you to serve and pay attention to.

6) That people who wear caps feel insecure about themselves :- Its not an insult its just a feeling.

The Cheque Story.

I fetched a customer's bill which sum up to about only 20 buxx. He took out his mastercard,

"Oh I'm sorry sir, but we only accept credit cards ABOVE 50 ringgit"
"Ohh...Do you accept Cheques?"
"errr...*" I turned around and was about to ask my supervisor if we accept them when he interrupted and said
"No no, i was only joking. Do you need any staff to wash the dishes?"
"Err... no?"
"You can go and help them wash the dishes"
* I didn't get what he meant but later when i found out a few seconds later i got furious but remained patient whle i retrieved his Balance from the cashier*
What he meants was is if you cant even understand a simple joke, you might as well go to the back and help them wash the dishes instead of becoming a waiter. In my words he would be saying : "YOU ARE FUCKING SOHAI DUMB !" His words were polite but so sharp it felt like a spearhead piercing my chest.

"Thank you Sir!" As that Smarter than everyone in the world customer left the restaurant, I begin to question if I had the sufficient intelligence to study my bachelor of business and commerce at Monash University. I felt like a stone, I even thinked like one.

After that sure tell my supervisors la, they asked me first.
"Cannet, apasal? napa jalan pun bengkok?" SO i told them my story of woe.
"Relax, it's part of the game, it's all part of the game"
"Game? " ...

Secret recipe's SECRET

There is no secret, the kitchen is shit its nuts I expected to see high and loud Flames gushing out fromt he stove. The only fire i saw the whole time was from a cigarette lighter. The kitchen had more deep friers and microwaves than stoves. All the foods come in packets, chicken, fish, LAMB. It is either microwave or deep-fry which a 6 year old can easily do. But to tell truth, I did enjoy working there, it was fun to hang out with colleagues of a different race!(HAHA not racist but college whole year all chinese, now got change).

But i do have some Recipes for some of the drinks.

Kiwi Splash(new drink)
-60ml kiwi concentrate
-75ml milk
-1 cup of ice cubes

Banana Yoghurt Shake ( Won the excellent food award in 2004)
-1 whole banana
-2 tblspoon yoghurt
-60ml sugar syrup(50% sugar+50% water)
-60ml water
-1 cup of ice cubes

Mixed fruits yoghurt (Popular among customers)
-1/2 banana
-90ml orange juice
-30ml strawberry puree
-2 tblspoon yoghurt
-1 cup of ice cubes

Fresh Fruit Punch (Popular also)
-75ml orange juice
-75ml watermelon juice
-1/2 banana
-30ml sugar syrup
-1/2 cup ice cubes


12 hour shift, 1 hour break

1 hour break, oh so precious, every minute counts. Daily break routine :-
Take out lunch box, microwave, prepare drink from cordial, punch card , go to the back, boxes as mats, eat, read, *hisap hisap*, drink, go toilet. Finish.

Different people, different minds, same heart.

I admire anyone who has kindness and everyone i worked with there had it, i can say that working in secret recipe centrepoint marked a place in my memories that would never fade.

A pictorial : -
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The bald dude sitting down with legs crossed was the one who employed sean and I.

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Barista in action.

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Stealing meat from customer's beef noodles. yeah i know *YUCK EYERRR ARGHH! VOMIT!*
But hunger leaves us no choice.

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Break time on the flight of the stairway behind the kitchen.

Unforgetable Staffs of Secret Recipe Centrepoint.

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Kak Ijan, there is kindness in her voice everytime she spoke.

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Rock, this ass always asking for ciggarettes.

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Amir, Smoking and Smoking named his workplace Ciggarette Recipe.

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Left, Rifhan : Cutie always kena manja by all the Guys there.
Right, Ajak : Hamsap Lou and my sifu about cars.

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Maisara, the more i look at her, the prettier she gets.

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Raj, omfg this guy I have the most Respect for in the whole outlet. He my fellow readers is the most :
1) Calm
2) Patient
3) Softspoken
4) Intelligent
5) High-Class

Person...*Salutes!* ...And he smokes! YEah!

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Lestie, A hardWORKER!!

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End of the month Supper at McD's money came from the tip-box. I thought it was unfair as some employees keep the tip money for themselves whereas they are supposed to put them in the tip box to be shared amongst the workers.

AND TO LIM SHIA YOK And U JOO KIONG(No Pics) : The two most HARD-WORKING, HONEST, DOWN-TO-EARTH, NON-BACKSTABBING, TRUTHFUL, HUMBLE, CHINESE I ever met!! I learned a thing or two from the both of them! ROCK YOU ROCK!!!

Others : : ; ; . .

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Deep frying a Chic. Cordon BLue...Oil that's left overnight..Now you know, Do not eat fried stuff!!!

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CNY 1st day vegetarian Meal.

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Payslip for the 1st half of the month.
RM536 -RM60 epf - Rm75 for uniform =Rm398 or something..little..yeah i know!

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Captain's order.(that's wut they call order slips..dun ask why)

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Chiller, all your foods are in there.

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See any stoves?? Nope.

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My Faithful break-time companion throughout the whole month. A good read, Please buy it!

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This is what makes me mad, lazing behind the bar while the Chinese are hard at work, the one in grey is the OTHER indian supervisor, what a cum-in-the-face.

P/S : It offers me great relief that I am finally ending my job that stole my life away but also depressing that i am leaving the people who taught me a few lessons in life. As I end my musings with a teardrop on the spacebar, I bid farewell to the workers of secret recipe centrepoint, you guys were a great bunch! A toast! *Clink*

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