Monday, February 20, 2006

Orientation Day at Monash University


Stupid buzzing alarm clock, have to use it again after 2 months, chou tou hai. But then, it's the day I've been looking forward to, it is the morning of a,

~~~~~~~~~~~~~WHOLE NEW GLORIOUS B E G I N N I N G~~~~~~~~~~~~

it's the day I take my first step into achieving a paper. A paper that will promise me a better future, a paper that will give me wisdom, a paper that can get me some whore chickies YEAH BABE!
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*Drool* wah wah

summore left the house at 7.20 and headed for Subang, and god I have learned my lesson from The Jam.

The Jam.

Right after the Subang Toll Exit, many cars are rushing to the Shell petrol station on the left to make a quick exit. Stupid, that will only cause another jam on the other side, just stick to your lane and everybody will be happy...... EXCEPT ME!...... Whatdafuck if it's not because of my 'humble' thoughts I wouldnt be late for the orientation. Caught in the jam not even a kilometer from the toll for 50 minutes! At a point I was lucky, as u can see from the pic.

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Two buses trying to make their way across the car molecules in a dense solid highway from the extreme left to the most extreme right. I was thinking, haha dumbass, pity those guys that kena potong by them, if me, I won't give the buses a chance, too bad, no way. Coz I'm a road-raging pro driver.

So I thought...

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I AM 500%+490% late.
Because I had to take the picture then got space between The Waja and I, and the bus entered......I'm pro, indeed.

After 10 long minutes,
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The Yellow horror was finally going to be over...

So I thought,

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WHAT???? ANOTHER BUS?? = another 10 minutes!!! God, I am a repentent sinner, why do you smite me with your curses? I thought god loves everybody! Maybe this applies to Jesus only, but I'm a Bhuddist. No...*sob* sob*...

*mental reminder*
This Saturday go to church for conversion,
and Sunday go to the jewish river to be poured with Holy Water.

Entered multi-purpose hall thirty minutes late but I wasn't the only tardy, when I took my seat and was beginning to absorb in whatsoever information was to be given, after not studying for so long, sure very keen to hit the books!..yes! serious! 40 minutes later, ppl already yawning and I cold see WenLoong with his head down, probably with eyes closed...wanted to take a pic, but damn paiseh, so many strangers near me. So now got no pic at all..*Frusss* Then at 11am beitahan liao, and again I wasn't the only one, hehe, coz KhaiShang stood up with Sue Anne and walked towards the back, and I followed, we're leaving!...

"Hey hey hey, you guys aren't thinking of leaving are you? There are lots of other stuff that is going to happen, and you have to listen to this guy talk, he is AWESOME!"
"Err, okay, can we not sit in our groups and sit anywhere we like?"
"Yeah yeah just take a seat there, go"
"Okay okay"

She was Dahlia Martins(...or something) the Women's Officer of Monash University Student Association, all vaginal problems go to her. She was busy asking ppl like us to sit back down, when she left us. Ciao! zoom... hehe we went down to the coffee shop and eat...

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Sue Anne...

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Khai Shang...loves pink

And look who we found...

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Joshua Teh Hong Yi, personally, I thought he flew somewhere or went to some other U and would be lost forever. Then, he was there, LoL, I saw him at orientation at first, sitting alone, without the usual 2 ppl I would I always see him with, Jia Heng and Adelene.


Engine wash.

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After, spic and span.

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Air filter looks new and clean.

Dinner, had something new, and special.

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I had soil for dinner...
That was only the appetizer, the main course is inside.

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there can see anot? my mum took it so fast, shadowless kung-fu.

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Inside the foil, is 24-hour soil baked duck. nice meat.

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..and the rest.

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Sarah Chalke.

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