Sunday, March 05, 2006

I Studied 3 hours today!!

WoW! cool! with a few 5 minute breaks in between! never did this before, alone, in my room. wow chatting with so many s8 people now

Daniel : So who's going to tiesto?

me : nah no money

tat : let's all go as a group la!

praevin : Wtf is tiesto?

. . .

tat : Mexican porn

HAHAHAHAH ROFFL LMFAO LFOL! wah talk so long half an hour one sentence also cannot finish..must purposely sign out...

Yesterday! the big night out with, Li Tat! Praevin! Adrian! and DEEEJAAAYYY LING!
We were going clubbing, fuyoo sound so cool say the word..lemme say it again,
we went clubbing yesterday in KL, in a club called passion.

in li tat's house
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IHBY(ItHasbeenYears)(Pronounced eebee) blogger, me lah

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Litat was driving in a 1.8 waja, man the engine roar really satisfied me as a change from the sounds coming out of my crappy car.

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Praevin the camwhoree

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Fuyoo looks so exclusive with the red carpet and the bouncer and alot and alot of nicely dressed people, guys and oh baby, chicks man chicks.

"5 people, walk-in"
"Oh 5 people I let you know that we do not have a table now so you can only either dance downstairs or chill around the bar upstairs"
"Oh ok lah, can."
"And you have to open a bottle, so would it be a Chivas?"
"How much is it?"
"Rm 320"
"erm, ok"
"Okay, but before that, may i see your ICs, just to confirm that all of you are above 21"
"Ohh....must show arh?"
"yes just see your IC only"
"Cause last time we can just go in"
"oh nothing just show me your IC"
*whispers"Cause we're below 21"
"Oh then I'm sorry but we cannot let you in"
"but last thursday we entered and.."
"sorry it's ourus"
"it's... ouwehrus"
"it's... awroos"
"our ROOlss"
"oh our rules, ok ok"
Went there, couldn't get in. So malu!! I felt so keleh feh and cheap cause didn't looked 21 I think she would let them in but when she looked at me, quickly replied
"Sorry we cannot let you in, it's ohrus"
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li tat breaking the bad news to us.

So we spent the next 40 mintues strolling around the place nearby to find for other clubs, walked till we were at the bottom of the Petronas Twin towers, haven't been so close to it before, only inside Suria KLCC.
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U kwang, where you looking...

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IHBY(Pronounced eebee) blogger ^^

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If u look closely there's a car right in front of them, cheating death la these guys.
4 guys.
Final Destination 4, Malaysia.

*ringtone* lalala bla bla bla ding ding ding du du dooo


Wen Loong and his friends had already arrived and we walked back to Passion and almost immediately gained access to the club! Only on the way home I learned that we bribed the bouncer for 100 buxx.
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This was outside

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Bootylicious *drool*

Couldn't take any pics in the club.
Too dark.
My first thoughts when i entered.

1) suck lah so small space
2) R&B? YUCK!! I am techno/trance kaki.
3)Why so fucking packed?
4)Why people dance so slow or Why no head banging music or feng tau ppl?(I ahbeng ma)

After the night out was over, it's now a whole new different story!

1) Small space! good!! GOOD! especially on the dance floor, get to rub shoulders, backs and butts with sexy chinese, eurasion, indian CHIXX!! YEAH!!
2) Oklah R&B is quite okla, but still prefer techno. (lala zhing here)
3) When got chixx trying to get from one end of the floor to the other, purposely stand in closer and block abit of their path, mmm rub-a-dub-dub mmm.
4) Smooth and slow better then hard knocking butts.

Yeah! dam nice, but have to drink abit first only can start dancing if not feel very awkward and summore ****** and Praevin offered me smokes, get high makes dancing easier but tried not to take any, it was as tempting as trying to reach orgasm while rubbing against other chixx. (MUAHAHAHAHA)

Soon, had to go to the toilet, to dispense all the sinful liquid from the body.
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It's unisex...

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Still high when we were about to go home.

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cool B-)

Oh yeah FYFuckingI

I don't look like this(the one in red and black)
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got this pic from emily's blog(

I look abit more OKAY now FYFI
In Case you didn't know.

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DJ ling on the right. Ihby(eebee) on the left.

On the way home,
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Bunch of malays on their kap-chais

"Jom sekeliling PJ ngan KL dan BAZIR petrol JOM!"


Hot chick of the post
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From HyperTune #45

And dear readers, hehehe you won't believe this.

Remember Candy Girl? Refer to my previous post, forgot which one already, for the girl whom I ever admired/adored/liked/felt in love at first sight since the start of college.
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Her pic on my cupboard just beside me when I study.(got bigger pic in previous post)

10pm(2 hours ago) Chatting....
*DING* MeiLing has just signed in.

o.O Oooo...

Me : Mei Ling! HI!

Love of my life : Hihi!

Me : How are you, so long didn't see you already!

Love of my life : Yalor, I barely see you anymore.

Me : Sigh how to barely see me when we are at different places leh, I'm in Monash you're in IMU, btw, my friend saw you in IMU.

Me : Wanna know something?

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Love of my life : Really?

Love of my life : Your friend?

Love of my life : What? Yes I want to know I very pat

Me : But I paiseh say woo,Actually its more like "May I tell you something"

*So long haven't reply, cannot control overwhelming emotions*

Me : I... missed... you...

Me : .

Me : .

Me : .

Me : .

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*to scroll the whole thing down so she can't read it right away*

Love of my life : =)

Love of my life : I tot u forget me already

Love of my life : I tot of u at times too

Love of my life : :)

Love of my life : Cos like always bump into you

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*WAHHHHHHH OMG OMG OMG OMG When I read those words, WAHHHHHH!!!*
*Stunnned, dunno what to say*

Me : Wah forget you? where can, never. I've noticed you since the start until now and you say forget meh, won't lah...

Love of my life : hehe

Love of my life : Your fren who in imu?

Me : you know alvin? Quite big sized 1.

Me : He says he got same lectures as you

Love of my life : No

Love of my life : its ok

Love of my life : Know you enuf d

Love of my life : ^-^

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Me : hehe. So you're as sweet as you look...sigh... wonder when can see you again.

Love of my life : We'll meet again

Love of my life : In Malacca also can meet

Love of my life : So ho...

Love of my life : I think we'll meet again

Love of my life : =)

Me : We'll meet again?...haha now low chances wo...studying already hehe...
malacca...yeah think? what about...

let's meet again...*wink smiley*

Love of my life : hMm

Love of my life : Sounds great

Love of my life : =)


Me : Really? ... ... ... ... ... ... hehe then when will you be free?

Love of my life : we'll see

Love of my life : 017-xxxxxxx

Love of my life : keep in contact ya

Love of my life : boo bye

Me : I'll miss call u

Me : Got my miss call?

*she answered it but, I...ended the convo....SCARED NERVOUS!!
Love of my life : Ooops, that is you arh? sorry didn't know

Love of my life : Aiyor waste your credit!

Me : Nvmla 3 seconds only, ok i will contact you

Love of my life : Ok see you boo bye!

DEAR GOD/JESUS/BUDDHA/ALLAH THANK YOU HALLELUJAH! You've answered my previous post and my thoughts and prayers I love you!
I will wear the cross for a day,
I will burn u joss sticks for a day,
I will...never pray to Allah ^-^

I have found my way, lost of love and lost of happiness? NOT anymore!
I found back my purpose in life! YES!!
All thanks to a spam e-mail regarding the fear of rejection. If you do not tell a girl she wouldnt know and if u did, there are very very low chances that she will say something like
"I would never date you GET LOST!"
Because that the pain in the fear of rejection is much higher than the pain in getting rejected, people tend to walk away or keep quiet and not approach them, although this wasn't face to face..but come on..


Give me a hand Y'ALL!! wheeeee!!
Candy girl...I still hope to have u in my arms one day...

I still do.

P/S: But according to chinese horoscope this year not a good year for stuff...and lecturer say. Don't screw up by starting a relationship now, you will only screw up later. Cry cry, cannot study, screwed up.

And after editing this post a few times, seems abit too good to be true.
Is she playing with my feelings?