Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bloody sick, again.

ccb, farking sit in the car with muh fren coughing and sneezing...inside a car..
air-conditioning or circulation.
Which means, germs on circulation as well...
the next thing you know,

"wei, are you feeling col *AHHH CHIU!* "...
from then till now, nose leak like girl having multiple orgasms on a friday night.
Too bad it's mucus. sigh.

The remedy
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Earl grey with lemon, HOT.


"Mummy, I wanted to bake you a cake and prepare for you breakfast in bed for mother's day.
But I was too busy outside with my friends."

"So your friends are more important than your own mother?"

"But mummy, it's the thought that counts mah right?"

"Fuck you, never heard of 'actions speak louder than words' ah?"

"Oh, bitch, you want to play phrases with me issit now, college drop-out.
I thought I could bake you the cake in 40 minutes and ready in the next morning ma.
But someone stole my time."


"Procrastinay Shen."

"Fuck you, your own mother also you don't give a machowhai lah."

"You already got machowhai how to give you summore?"

"Fuck you."

"Fuck daddy."

"Get out, I'm disowning you."

"No, not before I disown you first."

"You can't disown your mother! I OWN YOU! I gave birth to you!"

why must you reveal me to the world of germs, bacteria, virus, assignments, education , homework? WHY? WHY?"

"Fuck you, I also revealed you to your biggest passion lah!"

"What passion? Cars? You don't even bother about anything I do what do you know about my passion?"

"Fuck you, that's not even one of your passions, your passion is to masturbate what.
you think everytime you in your room lock the door then what,
you think we think that you doing homework ah?
FUck lah 24/7 only how to wank.
I give birth to you for what?
To try and make babies yourself ah?"

"Okay, sorry mummy, I will never procrastinate, say your chow hai smelly and masturbate with my room door locked anymore, I promise."

"Fuck you, of course lock your room door lah, oh my god, why did god gave me such a mentally retarded son? why...ohmygod..sigh."

"Mummy, I'm actually not that stupid one, sometimes I beat my friends in something to do with education."

"Masturbation is not education."

"It is! It is under sex education! A website I surfed yesterday teached me,
then I tell my friends,
I beat 5 of them in the 0-100 sg/m(shags per minute) race."


So, don't forget to get your mum something for mother's day, or your conversation may end up something like this.


Wiralution : Failed attempts.

ever since Jon told me Proton Wiras are ugly in white,
I couldn't help to think that he is true,
everyday I look at my car,

God fucking hell, that's uglier than a pair of sagging boobs.

So, in my attempt to try to make it look better.
This is what I did.

1) Eyelids

after a two hour job, the result :

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It took long to do but I don't feel any satisfaction.
I showed my friends,

"eh see see see my lights, yeng or not?"


... diu

2) Second attempt at eyelids.

This time I sprayed the film white, to match the car's colour.

Result :

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Omg, colour is so damn different, fucking ugly...

3) Wira SE front grille.

OMG, colour also different. with the eyelids summore..
omcibai , damn ugly, serious.

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4) took out eyelids

aih...this is the best I can go lah, next time spray new colour one shot.

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Last minute work?

Assignment due in the next day?

but you're only reading the question the day before at 11pm?

THE Solution :

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1) One big ass cup of coffee, the phone is there to show you the size of the cup
2) Bread for the carbohydrate energy

and I had two of those big cups = 4x300ml ; 1.2 litres of coffee! omg. water meh....

Daniel pointed out this blog to me,

So I read it, here's an abstract from the blog,

Abstract :

darlin colin came to my house. and i let him use the comp while i was bathin. and when i came out. i was lyin on the bed cos im too sleepy. and darlin colin came lyin beside me, on my arms. and we fell asleep until 5.35am. he woke me up and left my house. sorry darlin. i din sent you to flag cab. i was too sleepy. muacks. i love you as much still. as much as the volume of ocean. hmm. i will stop lovin you only when.. the sun dies. the moon become triangle. the stars taste like strawberry ice blended.

end of abstract

Hmm, the girl is like so in love and mushy towards colin, the guy.
But you must be wondering, what kind of name is Kero for a girl.
Hmmmm.....problem is, Kero is NOT a girl.

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Fuck, and they're only 17.

But I think Colin is quite cutelah, I also want to be his boyfriend.

And if you want something much more extreme.

Check out they're flickr pics, and please hell, if you're a guy, make sure you are viewing this privately, or else, someone else will think YOU ARE FUCKING OUT OF YOUR MIND CHECKING THOSE KINDA PICS WHICH TURN YOU ON. but no worries, no dick and balls.
just fucking WTF


Last night, we went to KL to fetch mr.kok wah back to PJ, and I was in the car with Don only.

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And we are talking shit and rubbish and laughing about colin and kero.
then he said

"Yo Ken, let's camwhore"
"haha like colin and kero"




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faster look at girl.

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wow, 1 hour can type 1000 words. If only assignment can do at this speed.

Random :

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I'm a small boy. I like games.
Haiyor after watching TopGear got hooked on it, and after one hour of heavy engine roars and low exhaust bass...
drive own car not shiok already.
the next best alternative?
play NFSU2.
I like games.
If you didn't know I was a whatever-to-do-with-PC addict,

DON'T see my old blog :

I feel stupid reading what I wrote...erm...2 years ago.

Okay darlings gotta sleep now, good night dear.
Love you always!
Muaksz~~*, my life would never be the same without you, cupcake.
-Kenny boiboi


izso said...

FARK.. you farking fag! Hahahahaha.. I hate gays! Ugh!

Sigh. 17 and sooooooo bloody mislead.

Btw, I think the black eyelids looked quite ok. Paint the WiSE front grill white and paint your bumper too then done deal. I thought you bought Guan's front lip too? The white eyelids are terrible.

And what graphics card are you using? How'd you get those pics of NFSU2? Freaking good graphics you got there! Mine would suffer with that kinda resolution.

Kenneth tcf said... time better watch out if you feel someone sitting near you keep staring at could be me

Paint the front grill white?...but mostly its the front grill and the bumper that has matching it looks one piece...big mouth and small nose...
if hood and grill same colour...looks like big nosed car..hehe..

no I didn't buy Guan's grill, he sold it to Gary, and he tried to push it to me kakaka, but I didnt buy.

haha I think the eyelids matching colour would be okay la...but this is...shit.

Graphic card..I think its a Geforce 6200, PCI express...
pics are screenshot when I'm playing it.
resolution 800x600..where got..yours can play O2jam what. kaka

izso said...

Oh no wonder. Geforce 6200 PCI Express card. Mine's a meagre ATI Radeon 9500... AGP.. haha!

I'm sure you're not gay. But if I ever feel you trying to do something funny under the table with your feet, that'll be the last you'll ever see of your car. :P

I think your bumper and your grill colour is slightly off. Prolly could use a respray (the bumper) to match.

As for the lip, don't buy the putra lip unless you want your car to look like Guans. Actually, since you're already 70% of the way WiSE look, get the WiSE lip instead.

em said...

wei kenneth...super technical dunno...HAHA
but one thing i know la...earl grey tea is DAMN RELAXING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kenneth tcf said...


wah ATI Radeon 9500 already sufficient lo to play NFSU2.

How do u know it is my feet?..hahahaha...what If u play back..not on someone else and I caught're dead LOL...

ya it is very off especially in bright daylight..
I'm changing to Wise bumpers..after my sub...
U wanna sell me yours?..then you change yours to Promote/Evo8 bumper la..izso vrooOm VRooOoM haha.

kenneth tcf said...


yay! You agree with me, tell that to Adrian who says yuck to Earl Greys...hehe

Carol said...

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