Thursday, April 20, 2006

DAm bei ulcer come back

Yes today is, counted as thursday already 2.48am...
holidays gonna be over soon, assignment due dates will come attacking right after the holidays like, mad cow, kena disease.

but it's not a disease.

yes cow's are mad, u eat them u die,
dun eat double cheese burger,
dun have ur last supper next to Judas the gospel,
don'ts be eatings beefs. They're maddings your apartment.

babi, supposed to go to Monash and return overdue book to the library, then,

coz he go and lie me that, something, that he wan kao the chick but is kao already 1
so I call him ;


(FYI: I'm not a dota frikeezoid))

called me go McDees coz Don they all over there eating lunch, in the end, went to HELP library, and studied 6 pages and then go foos at Rileys.
wtf...supposed to do assignment read 6 pages only..magaychiewhu.


reached there,
park car,
wait for 'bus' to send to the next block,
bus arrived, full wait for next bus,
started to drizzle,
bus came,
sat inside wait for 10 minutes,
then reach there, go library, no tables,
go back out must open bag let the guy see got steal any books or not,
use a scanner id tag machine siren thing lahhhh, like Monash/Sunway. xD.
and when finished, travelled back to the main block on a Kiddie bus,
(no pics coz my camera was still missing)

For funding or donations to HELP,
please contact our financial manager,
Miss Jamie Oliver james virginia texas city oklahoma @ 012-PLSHELP

reached home at 6, flip through few pages of Hypertune.
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till 12.06 AM. yes. AM...
then ate my dinner from bekas Tupperware, prawns, veggies, fish, eggs.
Because cannot sleep 3 hours after eating, so I'm here lo.
So now, 3.01 AM.
And fucking ulcer came back, the exact same spot makichuhi.

Die lah,
assignment due in 8 days,
haven't read the textbook,
haven't read the question,
Don't even have the question,
haven't planned what to do,
havent source for online journals,
die lah die lah die lah.


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I thinks Emily called Adrian to watch this drama thing, so he called me, and UK.
reached there at 8pm, fucking cold, like Australia/Japan/Africa.
Wait for Emily, paid RM3, and entered and we sat right in front.
First performance and I was like ;

"what the helll mannn, pay three bucks for this shits arh? I rather eat shit man, I think i can act better than them la"

then, after 6 minutes, finish already.

"WTF? what's that supposed to mean? very funny meh? HAHAHA so funny"

The next performance, called The Claypot Curse.
Oooooo fancy shmancy name, ooooo I'm impressed....Chiieeeeww.
but then....actually quite fancy wo...
performance very good wo
good acting woo
good dialogues wo,
wah then keep smiling from that time onwards,
if u saw me and didn't know what I was watching,
I'd look like I was watching some live porno.
Kimochi. Yeah baby Yamate.

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White shirt guy is the chicken rice man, his rival, bak kut teh woman,
the one in blue checkered shirt.
She's quite cute u noe....I like her.

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After that, it slowly became semi-very-the-soft-live-porn

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The guy in white is some fucking gay shit mofo mahder eater.
he receive things, act like his cibai itchy.
Rub his thighs together and put on a 'seductive' smile.
Cibai, make me steam.

Got other performances also lah but not as nice so didnt bother uploading the pics.
And it was also like a competition thing, the white shirt gay cowboy is actually one of the judge,

judging the judgemental drama judgement. He's a judge....hmm judge.
how do you pronounce it?
caj bil elektrik terpinda.
electric air ram charger.
CAAAAJIBAI that puki ahhh.

Best Play : The Claypot Curse.

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Best performance : The Chicken Rice man.

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(Wise Auto Club Annual General Meeting)
sounds so cool and formal right?
sounds like big taikor office business man round table meeting right?
sounds like suits and coats and coffees right?

no-meh? sounds like it wat, got the meeting word there, got the Annual + General summore.
It's like meetings for generals.

ya this meeting is to nominate and vote for the new commitee members of the club yada yada yada.
It was held inside Lien Hoe Tower, 18th floor, Meeting Room 2 : Executives only.
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yeng or not all the executives? geng mou.

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*correction : Drex Chan ; Rejected V.Presidency position. ( yah I knowings my ingren very lousies lah)

And I got my road tax sticker also, cooolness.

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These two guys are my masters/sifus/teachers/mentors/headmasters/role model/managers/BOSS.

khguan : DIY KING, mou tak ting, can learn alot from him man.

izso : ICE KING, mou tak ting, , you want talk ICE? Talk to him 1st.

Overall, had fun lah over there, talk to the big guys, and had some laughs and food was good, but could be better and I'm officially a club member... Yay.

The next day,
Ahh, AGM gone, Drama gone, No need to go out, no need to spend anymore money, can concentrate on saving for my subwoofer. A Mohawk red 12" DVC in mind already.
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But got SMS,
Grace : Hey when are you giving me the Management textbooks? Can make it ASAP? Sorry yah.

Oh noo, damn mafan liao. the books with sue anne coz I was sick didnt go to monash that day to collect from khai shang oh no...
coz of my indiscipline now must hunt Sue Anne,

called her, she going out in thirty minutes, and won't be at home the day after that coz going for holiday with family.

"EASY LAH go out in thirty minutes just drive there and collect la"


She stays in Jinjang, Kepong area.
HOW i know how to go?????
and because mrr2 is closed, it will be very very the jam, traffic, not peanut butter.
and it was raining summore, die lor.

but then,

An Angel came from the skies above,
the angel glowed as white as a fluttering dove,
his warm aura could be felt through an oven glove,
oh thank you for saving me, im in love.


I cannot find anymore rhymes so had to use love, anyway, thanks Adrian for teman-ing me there after ur tiring day at church.
So we travelled in my Carrera GT to Jinjang just to collect three textbooks.
And thank you Sue Anne for waiting for me!
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Sean, Adrian, U Kwang, Kenneth(me), Albert.

Adrian's Dawg.

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Shortcut out from BU1

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Then one of the days, forgot which day they came and overnight at my place, that afternoon or the afternoon before lah, Sean suggested us to make a video, or record some funny sounds, spontaneous dialogues like those from . So this is our video

see 4urself.(Don't flame us for doing stupid things)

In the middle of the video, we were trying to speak louder to make the blue 'waves'(spectrum) go higher.
While it load, read the rest, little bit more.

Yeah, and we watched snow dogs also, nice show. Not bad, since it's from Disney, it won't suck one. Tried to cry but cannot cry and got a few kan cheong moments also, start already wow...and the dogs, makes u wanna own a Siberian Husky.

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muahaha open already, see Sean's disappointed face.

And see Adrian's controversial happy face.


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Sean's supper

Yes and we drank a little and head to my nearby mamak, Padang Kota, and emo talk man. yes my first TRUE emo talk with Albert and Adrian. Maybe second, but it was TRUE and SINCERE.


Random pics

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Oh yeah by the way,
I was foosing some foos with UK right and he met his long time friend,
then he intro him to me,

Uk's Friend : "Hi, Marcus"
Me : "Kenneth"
Uk's Friend : "He's from the same church?"
UK : "Oh nolah classmate"

"He's from the same CHURCH Church church church church?"

I look like a christian man!
No more Lalazhing lala boy ah beng MAN!
I look Educated man!
I look religious man!
I look clever-er and smarter man!

I wanted to say, "I'm a bhuddist"
but the later he think back, "Oh, no wonder you look lala"
So lemme look Christian abit awhile.

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Hot Chick of the Post, long time no have already, get some major STEAM boys:









best one yet



yeah baby




Cum in your eye



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Nolah real hot chick ar,


she ROCKS !!




Yes, do you speak korean/japanese? TEACH ME!!! I pay youuuuu.

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BoA Number one !


yapster said...

what the...ur siaoness max level, your camera "was still lost" ah? so you plan to find it back? Kenneth's quest log: find camera back..thuff...i dont get the video...syok sendiri.. your fren Ah Chiew use wat cam ah? baskit, what do you mean by gospel? lol..gospel is what they use to call the books in the bible lah..not the peoples name la you doink! lol...stupid fella, go an fong sai yuk trap me..haha..who on earth is that in the picture? ur x-gf? too many stuff you post at once very good post! 10/10, i bet ms ng oso give 10/10...LOL...very SUPRISE post! i look like a christian? LOL...

Kenneth tcf said...

machi bei i type so long then accidently refresh..
the video is supposed to be us laughing sarcastically at not-funny-at-all jokes. stupid laughs...yeah so i guess it's syok sendiri..Ah chiew? i dunno it's either a Fujifilm or a Nikon...dunno what model...

eh i not christian lah how i know the gospel gospel thing..i just saw the National geographic commercial, Judas the Gospel, on Jesus' right in the last supper...
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa man, the girl is chun, steam kao, my friend ask me to gool XXXXX then this girl pic came out -.-; ....coz 1 week nvr post and got so many terpaksa lo....thanks for the 10/10 rating.. :)

Izso said...

Wahlaneh.. KNNCCBHKCPKC!! When you took my pic ah?? And I'm not ICE god or whatever la wahlau! Btw, you got one of the rarest few pics of G88.. Haha

Who's that gorgeous gal in the black top in the play? Oooga.

And your friend Sue-Anne looks pretty good in the pic too. What the heck you all doing meeting her in some factory with pipes everywhere?

Who's your video editor? Very smart la..teach me!

Kenneth tcf said...

what??? i took ur pic so openly like that u didnt realize mehh???? i stand there go into take a picture stance....flash so bright summore.. lol

i didnt say ICE god ma...ICE KING...kekeke
black top?..i dunno..but her english not very mix mix eurasion,indian,indonesian,scotland etc etc..

lol...her house is behind the 'pipes' factory thing..
erm..i edited the movie maker.
see ya at TT