Friday, August 11, 2006

Marriage, Children and Death.

Here is my take, marriage. I don’t think I’ll marry, I don’t know why, with my luck with girls I’ll probably be a bachelor, for life. I mean, mostly extroverts or clubbing people or outgoing hip and loud guys talk to girls, I don’t think I’m one of them, hope I’m not. Extroverts are so transparent, they talk a load of crap and ppl can see through them so easily and introverts like me would just want them to shut the hell up, they sound so cocky and seems to know everything(there’s a word for this in my law book, but I forgot). They talk and make the girls around them laugh, how can they even laugh at lame things like that that aren’t even funny at all?...

I guess those girls have to be extroverts as well. I’m not sure, I wouldn’t accuse them of being a bimbo. Oh yeah talking about bimbos, actually they’re not but they do sound like them.

I was in the marketing lecture and this row of blabbing bimbos behind were blabbing during the whole two hours, those bitches.

“Hey I want to highlight my hair lah”
”EH FCUK got 30% discount you know!”

“YALOR! But still expensive lah….”

“what jeans are you wearing ah?”

All they talked about were jeans, skirts, shorts, nails, movies, nerdy guys.

I almost wanted to turn to them and said,

“I’m sorry if you’re not trying to listen, the others are, please think about them, they are trying to catch what the lecturer is saying but we can’t hear him, sorry.”

But I kept my ‘temper’ and just….scruffled my hair in my mind




That was what I was thinking anyway…

Are bachelors mostly introverts?

If you know you are going to have a hard time with the lady that you don’t really have a strong bond with, why marry at all and suffer the whole time you guys are together?

Put it simply, why even bother marrying?

Why have a life partner whom you have to jaga and all….

When you’re alone, you can do whatever you want.

When you shop, you can go wherever you want.

When you have a free weekend afternoon, you can do things like washing the car, listening to your top end home theatre system.

You don’t have to worry about your child’s education because you won’t have a child.

You can still be financially successful and lead a strong life without a woman by your side.

This is my immature thinking anyway. Who cares about women.

But I would like to have children, a boy and a girl.

A boy whom I can share my passion for cars with,

A girl, would be the family brainiac.

I want them to not care about their appearance.

I want them to look like geeks, if they don’t mind.

I want them to be introverts so they don’t go missing from home and need not worry about them.

When my boy can drive, I’ll get him a crappy ol’ junk car.

But I’ll wish to have an M3 for myself…

He’ll learn to appreciate things through hardship, through the long services and constant noises a junk car making.

When I let him have a ride in an M3…..he’ll really appreciate it..

When he’s old enough I’ll pass it on to him,

And I’ll get myself something better.

Aih I don’t even know what an M3 feels like.

I want to be financially strong in the future, I want money.

Money may not mean happiness, but it sure brings pleasure, luxury, joy and fun out of life. But what would an introverted dad be like? Would he surf the net all day, would he detail his car, would he read books and only spend time with his family? Is that what an introverted dad is like? As opposed to an extrovert dad who comes home late and goes to bed with an alcoholic breath.

Aisey yesterday black out, luckily Microsoft word recovered my text, now only got chance to continue this post.

On to death, I want to euthanize myself at around age 70-100. If only I’ll be able to live till then and not die in a car accident on the way to 70. I mean, what can you do after 70?

You can’t have sex, you can hardly masturbate, your spine tells your brain it’s going to crack if you’re driving above 4 km/h, and you cost the people around you inconvenience, they have to listen to your stone-age boring stories, you can’t walk and people have to hold you wherever you walk. And the only word in your dictionary has five letters.

D E A T H.

You’re just waiting to die, so why not euthanize and retire peacefully, and go to heaven or wherever your god promised to where he’ll bring you. Euthanize is not allowed in Malaysia, I’ll fly to some other country to do it.

Autogeek mode:

Oh I detailed my mom's city, can see here.

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my weapons :

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My dad won't allow me to buy my own shelf/cupboard to place my things, cause it'll look ugly. own house will look like a detailing centre.
D'Villa Autospa, I'll open my own detailing business as well.

Blackout that time:

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Giving fishes air!

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So hot also can study....siao.

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went shopping today:
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Thursday, August 03, 2006

watch your watch

Wa lau, after finished my lecture and some errands wanted to finish off homework for two subjects one…

So after lunch at home, thought want to relax a while…watch some old episodes of topgear and fifthgear. Watch watch then few hours past, after that, haven’t learn my lesson.

Play warcraft summore….then surf the net and forums.

Read read read, reply reply reply…now 7.38 PM

From 1 PM wasted 6 hours and 38 minutes.

And offended one guy online, shud’ve think before I spoke…I thought it was only a joke, mana tau he took it abit too seriously.

Now I have to have my dinner in guilt…argh

I have assignment to pass up on Monday

THREE tutorials to prepare for Monday

Weekly assignment to pass up on Tuesday

And my car is freaking dirty and I want to wash it but I need the time for studies.

I should’ve washed it just now instead of watching a German kid swear his pants because his computer loads too slow (Google : angry+german+with+subtitles or go to, warning: the site shares adult contents)

Time flies…..LIKE an EVO IX(9).

auto rambles :
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that gay detailing from the dealer, the polish never buff off properly, now got even more swirls, what the hell.
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Polished my dad's car for his b'day...
4 hours including interior..
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