Thursday, August 03, 2006

watch your watch

Wa lau, after finished my lecture and some errands wanted to finish off homework for two subjects one…

So after lunch at home, thought want to relax a while…watch some old episodes of topgear and fifthgear. Watch watch then few hours past, after that, haven’t learn my lesson.

Play warcraft summore….then surf the net and forums.

Read read read, reply reply reply…now 7.38 PM

From 1 PM wasted 6 hours and 38 minutes.

And offended one guy online, shud’ve think before I spoke…I thought it was only a joke, mana tau he took it abit too seriously.

Now I have to have my dinner in guilt…argh

I have assignment to pass up on Monday

THREE tutorials to prepare for Monday

Weekly assignment to pass up on Tuesday

And my car is freaking dirty and I want to wash it but I need the time for studies.

I should’ve washed it just now instead of watching a German kid swear his pants because his computer loads too slow (Google : angry+german+with+subtitles or go to, warning: the site shares adult contents)

Time flies…..LIKE an EVO IX(9).

auto rambles :
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that gay detailing from the dealer, the polish never buff off properly, now got even more swirls, what the hell.
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Polished my dad's car for his b'day...
4 hours including interior..
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izso said...

What the.. a Honday City VTEC in the house? WHat happened to the 1.3?

Studies needs to start first, then it'll continue smoothly. Don't play all that kind of crap and just get your ass down to studying. Move your computer some place obscure or go study in someplace else. I learnt my lesson too, have to resit my resit paper! ARGH!

izso said...

Dude, personality and credibility play a very important place in society. If a person doesn't have either one of the two, they usually are ignored. So I can tell you the person you so-called cheesed off lacks both. Ignore him and if he even dares to try anything we'll burn his car to a crisp. MUAHAHAHAHA

So come to TT when you're free la.

And get your friggin work done already.

kenneth said...

you're my life mentor la....haha

thanks for defending me in the forum...duwun reply there already. make so much trouble...

the Honda City is my mum's..not may be in another 3 years :) ...

yeah, resitting sucks....have to go through all the same things again...but you've got a steady it's different. :P

izso said...

What has resitting and income any to do with each other? I paid RM18,000 for this Masters course, so I can't afford to fail it again. Besides, 50 pounds per resit isn't exactly cheap you know!

aiya, I ignore NMT most of the time la.

As for the City... wow.. mom drives City, dad drives Satria? What happened to the mercs and sports cars and stuff?