Sunday, October 22, 2006

Granpa detailed his own ride

He says that I'm spending too much time and money buying all these expensive polishes and waxes.

So he decided to challenge me, with some cheap sponges, a brush, polishing cloths and a RM19.90 Turtle Wax car wax.

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So he started off with washing, and teaching me how to wash , by starting from the top down, and he said, you can wash the tires. And he was using FAB laundry powder detergent to wash the car, wheels, tires and everything, and it didn't get all the brake dust out of the rims.

So I had to get on my knees and help him out, then my bro got interested and asked if he could help.

So I let him do the job.
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Poor boy kena siram air by my granpa, look at his hair.

This is him, rinsing off the wheels.

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Look at his face, concentrated wei.

So when the car was dried up, my granpa was ready to attack the paint, with his car WAX.

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He put on such a thick coat, it didn't do much to the oxidation and dirt on the car. And removing the wax was a pain in the ass.

So I told him

1) you are using a wrong product, that's a wax that is meant to protect, not to clean.
2) You're technique is to rub and polish off dirt, he was just spreading butter over the bread.

Then he challenged me again, he did half of his fender with his Turtle Wax Hard shell finish car wax.
And I did the other half with Meguiar's ColorX

Rm19.90 vs RM55.00

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There wasn't much of a difference, his wax did clean the paint when rubbed hard. I kinda conceded and then he was like,

"Only stupid idots like you spend hundreds of dollars when I only spent RM20 to achieve the same results, see(points to the fender) got any difference ? "

"haihhh, that's why these youngsters now adays, only go for the expensive stuff, when the cheap stuff can do the same job."

This is his car, after everything. Not bad.

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This is the stupid idiot youngster's car.

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Emo, no.

Lately I've been feeling a different type of anger.

Not towards at myself.

The reason, I don't know why.

I am always against this type of anger and don't know why people have this type of anger.

I always thought that it was dumb of them to have such anger, that they can't control such simple anger.

But this anger/hatred involves a directly opposite emotion.

And that is something which cannot be controlled.

I haven't felt like this ages and eons ago.

Why is it coming back to me.

Because maybe I am 100% emotion 0% logic.

Timing is just perfect.

Jealousy + Anger + Sad = Emo?

Shit, I'm turning into one of them emos.

Can I Die PLEASE. . . . . . .

Friday, October 20, 2006

Argh! Enough being nice and un-critical

diu nia ma ham-ka chan, it is so damn fucking hard being good when it is not my fucking nature.

How to relieve stress now adays.
I can't do anything enjoyable now adays, only by driving fast, I relieve my tension of UNcriticism.
Chao hai, why can't some people be more sensitive and grow up, diu nia man suck my cock u fuck ass.

argh I AM CRITICAL ARGH!!!!, niama I can live by bread alone, who needs anyone else! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. Who needs friends when you can do things by yourself, who needs......aih...

very wrong.

1. The purpose of life is to help others and to care for them.
To love all, give and be given.

FUCK YOU LAH, WHO needs to give when u can receive lah, why do I have to abide by these rules. If I don't, I won't have friends.

So what if you don't have friends, what do friends do?

well, they help you in times of need, they accompany u in times of lonelisness, they share your laughter.

Ahh fuck it lah, I am a fucking critical guy.

I am not religious nor do I have love for anything, because of inferiority.

Why am I feeling inferior? HOW THE FUCK SHOULD I KNOW.


Inferiority -> Critical -> Loneliness -> Not accepted by society.

It is goddddd damnnn diffucult to be the opposite of those when my origin is EXACTLY those things.

kanineh, I got social problems, attitude problems, studying problems.

If we are going to die anyway, might as well die now. Live for fuxx ah...
Might as well retire now, but no, I have the responsibility to take care of my parents, If one has to assume these responsibilities, argh thinking about it is already tension-ing.


why do people keep on living? for what?
Love makes the world go round..does it really?

Introverts, geeks, trying to be a perfectionist.
Kanineh try or dun try either way also fruitless.


How to be an up person in a down world, that book sucks cock, no wonder it's a value buy at RM15.90. I need Primal Integration,
I need a psychologist, Psychiatrist, A counsellor...

People are attracted to positive people who makes them feel happy.
WHICH IS FUCKING CIBAI to make people happy when u constantly feel unhappy about them.

Outside u are acting nice and good, inside u are fucking criticising them upside down left right.
How is that going to work out when it is not natural.......


Wednesday, October 04, 2006


People want recognition, want to be the centre of attention, not everyone likes it, but they do. Those who don’t suppress it and don’t show any emotions when they are the centre of attention. They are known as critical people.

I am a critical person, hungry for attention, yet react wrongly to attention.

It is difficult to compliment critical people. They don’t thank you nor return you a compliment.

Critical people can spot a flaw from across the room, gives unsolicited advice, frequently complains and passes judgment, is negative and seems impossible to please.

“Critical people actually feel better around others who share the same negative attitudes.”

That’s true, I have a few critical friends and I feel more at home with them then my other goody good soul-ed friends(being critical).

I’ve found the truth, I am not a 100% introvert, I am 100% critical. That is what is wrong with me.

What causes a person to become critical:

  • Negativeness
  • Immaturity
  • Insecurity
  • An unrenewed mind ; Put-downs, making-fun-of, criticism, sarcasm are the world’s ways of reacting to the faults of people

I bought the wrong book, just because it was a value buy ‘The Art of Getting Along With People’. RM12.90

I should buy some thing like ‘ Change your fucking critical self before you get fucked up real bad’

I need to change….so for the mean time, please tolerate me, I am trying to change.