Friday, October 20, 2006

Argh! Enough being nice and un-critical

diu nia ma ham-ka chan, it is so damn fucking hard being good when it is not my fucking nature.

How to relieve stress now adays.
I can't do anything enjoyable now adays, only by driving fast, I relieve my tension of UNcriticism.
Chao hai, why can't some people be more sensitive and grow up, diu nia man suck my cock u fuck ass.

argh I AM CRITICAL ARGH!!!!, niama I can live by bread alone, who needs anyone else! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. Who needs friends when you can do things by yourself, who needs......aih...

very wrong.

1. The purpose of life is to help others and to care for them.
To love all, give and be given.

FUCK YOU LAH, WHO needs to give when u can receive lah, why do I have to abide by these rules. If I don't, I won't have friends.

So what if you don't have friends, what do friends do?

well, they help you in times of need, they accompany u in times of lonelisness, they share your laughter.

Ahh fuck it lah, I am a fucking critical guy.

I am not religious nor do I have love for anything, because of inferiority.

Why am I feeling inferior? HOW THE FUCK SHOULD I KNOW.


Inferiority -> Critical -> Loneliness -> Not accepted by society.

It is goddddd damnnn diffucult to be the opposite of those when my origin is EXACTLY those things.

kanineh, I got social problems, attitude problems, studying problems.

If we are going to die anyway, might as well die now. Live for fuxx ah...
Might as well retire now, but no, I have the responsibility to take care of my parents, If one has to assume these responsibilities, argh thinking about it is already tension-ing.


why do people keep on living? for what?
Love makes the world go round..does it really?

Introverts, geeks, trying to be a perfectionist.
Kanineh try or dun try either way also fruitless.


How to be an up person in a down world, that book sucks cock, no wonder it's a value buy at RM15.90. I need Primal Integration,
I need a psychologist, Psychiatrist, A counsellor...

People are attracted to positive people who makes them feel happy.
WHICH IS FUCKING CIBAI to make people happy when u constantly feel unhappy about them.

Outside u are acting nice and good, inside u are fucking criticising them upside down left right.
How is that going to work out when it is not natural.......



Kenneth said...

It's exhaustive being un-critical

Annoymous said...

Bloody kid venting your anger to the whole world, well at least you are not doing anything stupid.

Everybody is inferior, everybody is critical, thats a fact. Some of us have it under control and some of us dont. You should really give yourself more credit if you want to become less critical. GROW A FUCKING DICK!

kenneth said...

Hi Annoymous,
Giving myself more credit, self-worth, how to do that when I have low self-esteem.
Nvm, I get what you mean.
Hmm I wonder who you are and if I offended you.
I have alot of little enemies.

Thanks for the advice anyway..

Kenneth said...

Let me guess Annoymous, you are in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

izso said...

WAhahahahaha.. your responses to the typical "why I need friends" talk is quite funny.

Aiya dude, chill a bit la. Who ever asked you to be all nice and goodie two shoe? You can swear your ass off whenever you want and if people don't mind, then those are the friends you probably can hang out with without getting all cheesed off all the time.

And people shouldn't need to hide behind an anonymous nick if you had a dick :P

Annoymous said...

Ken knows who i am., thats all that matter prick

izso said...

Yawn. Still hiding behind anonimity and resolving to calling people names? Such a coward. Pfft.

kenneth said...

yo yo yo guys, cheeeeeeel...

1) izso's not a prick
2) I don't know who you are annoymous, but you are starting to annoy me.
3) let's all be peaceful and love each other.

Jesus in yer hearts y'all.

wtf i'm not even a christian.