Wednesday, October 04, 2006


People want recognition, want to be the centre of attention, not everyone likes it, but they do. Those who don’t suppress it and don’t show any emotions when they are the centre of attention. They are known as critical people.

I am a critical person, hungry for attention, yet react wrongly to attention.

It is difficult to compliment critical people. They don’t thank you nor return you a compliment.

Critical people can spot a flaw from across the room, gives unsolicited advice, frequently complains and passes judgment, is negative and seems impossible to please.

“Critical people actually feel better around others who share the same negative attitudes.”

That’s true, I have a few critical friends and I feel more at home with them then my other goody good soul-ed friends(being critical).

I’ve found the truth, I am not a 100% introvert, I am 100% critical. That is what is wrong with me.

What causes a person to become critical:

  • Negativeness
  • Immaturity
  • Insecurity
  • An unrenewed mind ; Put-downs, making-fun-of, criticism, sarcasm are the world’s ways of reacting to the faults of people

I bought the wrong book, just because it was a value buy ‘The Art of Getting Along With People’. RM12.90

I should buy some thing like ‘ Change your fucking critical self before you get fucked up real bad’

I need to change….so for the mean time, please tolerate me, I am trying to change.


Izso said...

Actually, the critism is a part of you. Why change that?

incidentally, if you have RM1800 to spare, there is a course I strongly recommend you go. I went there and it totally changed my perspective on things and I can tell you, you don't want to know the old me.

Ever heard of AsiaWorks? If they have a introductory seminar I'll bring you there man. It's interesting.

(No it's not some brain wash session)

izso said...

the "criticalism" is a part of your personality, why change it? You are fine the way you are la.

Incidentally, if you have the time and RM1700 to spare, I recommend going to AsiaWorks for their basic course. It's a real eye opener man.

izso said...

Correction to post 1 - RM1700, not RM1800.

And why didn't I see my first post when I posted it? Argh!

kenneth said...

my template got abit of a prob, the comments thing cacat-ed one

because "criticalism" is a bad thing isn't it?
critical people have lesser friends, don't get looked up upon. This is for overly-critical people. Mild "criticalism" should be okay i guess...

hmm I did a search on asiaworks, this is what RM1700 will get you? :

* Increased ability to produce intended results
* More effective leadership capabilities
* More satisfaction with work and personal accomplishment
* A renewed sense of direction
* Gains in self-esteem, openness and aliveness
* Enhanced satisfaction, acceptance and joy in relationships

I think you are right and that is what I really need, but with RM1700, I would rather spend them on some polish and wax, hahaha!

izso said...

That's exactly what Asiaworks is all about. Hehe. Seriously, it's good stuff. Think of it as a one time investment.

Being critical about everything isn't necessarily bad. I don't know about not having many friends cuz I don't have many myself. When I was your age, my friends were countable on 2 hands and still have left over fingers to spare.

Yapster said...

I dont think youre critical, neither do i think youre an introvert. I do think you think too much and i do think you make an excellent friend. just stop thinking of the negatives. Why? Because you ARE a great friend, and i KNOW that. You have LOADS of friends, its whether you choose to be a great friend in return. No seminars will change the way you think or look at life as long as you dont DECIDE for yourself about who you want to be. I am very encourage by the fact that youre always striving to improve, thats a good thing..Keep it up!

And about the criticalism tingy, everyone is critical, its whether they admit it or not, its human nature to compare...people who dont compare are liars. its whether they compare constructively or destructively. simple. Do hope youre doing fine. Take care yeah! =)

izso said...

Incidentally, Asiaworks isn't just a seminar, it's a workshop where you participate in activities and stuff. Stuff that help you think and realise things faster.

Anyway, like yapster said, kenneth - u have a lotta friends. Just a matter of how much a friend you wanna be in return.

kenneth said...

yapster - Thank you for your words of encouragement, and I want to apologise if I haven't been the friend that I was supposed to last time. That time, I was critical. Thanks again.

izso- "Just a matter of how much a friend you wanna be in return." This is a very good line, do unto others as would others do unto you. Thanks for your advice, I'll try to be...sometimes I think that I'm on the wrong side of the world