Sunday, October 22, 2006

Emo, no.

Lately I've been feeling a different type of anger.

Not towards at myself.

The reason, I don't know why.

I am always against this type of anger and don't know why people have this type of anger.

I always thought that it was dumb of them to have such anger, that they can't control such simple anger.

But this anger/hatred involves a directly opposite emotion.

And that is something which cannot be controlled.

I haven't felt like this ages and eons ago.

Why is it coming back to me.

Because maybe I am 100% emotion 0% logic.

Timing is just perfect.

Jealousy + Anger + Sad = Emo?

Shit, I'm turning into one of them emos.

Can I Die PLEASE. . . . . . .


izso said...

Jealousy + Anger + sadness? Something must have triggered this la. How can you be jealous when you don't have something to be jealous of? Anger is triggered by emotional memories / response and sadness is usually the result of the above two.

Chill la bro. Come TT and TCSS with us and show me how the heck you detail your car like that. And seriously, how much would I need to pay you if I wanted to pinjam your equipment to clean my car!?

annie said...

kenneth, are you ok?

kenneth said...

annie, what do you think? ......

annie said...

eh...i asked that before discussion wan k! HAHA. now i know ar! :p

kenneth said... I ok? hmmmm.... ^^

annie said... sound ok. are ok! haha!