Thursday, December 28, 2006

How do you,

counter the feeling of hate?


How I spent my Christmas eve

I'm sure everyone has lots of partying stories, friends getting drunk after the countdown, or during the countdown. Having a wonderful dinner with friends and/or family, or just diong something that makes them feel really good and happy.
Most of the time, christmas isn't something really that I bother about, except that when I was younger, my sis and I would use to hang Christmas socks on the cupboard, and we'd go to sleep before twelve, and when we wake up in the morning, we would find gifts in the socks! I I really believed in 'Santa' that time, until two christmases later when I foudn out it was actually my mother. Wonderful childhood memories, times when there were no obligations or responsibilities, just HAVING FUN TO THE MAX!

Talk about having fun to the max, there was once where my sis and I woke up and then excitedly played our new video game console, the Sega 32-bit, the one with the cartridge, yes, that one, without a controller that vibrates. I remembered playing th titles Alladin and Sonic the Hedgehog, that day, my sis and I would wake up, play, eat and continue playing. We played till the evening, when mum returned, we were still in our pyjamas from yesternight!
Then she realy scold like a beast, I remembered that it was super loud and it was one of the scariest days, of my life! Not only the scolding, she would also bring a cane/rotan and cane us.
I got caned in my left arm, near the shoulder(the area where they inject ur BCG), she caned me twice on that area, it created an 'X' mark, and it bleed.

I mean, the blood not like flowing down like that lah, just had a bloody(literally) red 'X' on my left arm. ouch..

So this christmas eve, hmmm, lemme see, what did I do. There were no christmas socks or turkey. I woke up at around 12 noon, I would've slept longer if my mum didn't call me to run some errand for her, drove to somewhere, can't remember where, and tehn reached home and then brouhgt my granma out and came home, then helped my mother go to two places to get more things and came home. I forgot what I did, but I drove since I woke up until about 8pm and then go tapau KFC coz my mum was celebrating with her staff at her kopitiam(and I was suppose to join her), reached there at around 9pm, then went out again to find baloons, coz she wanted to play some games, reached back at 10, coz cannot find.

and most of the errand she asked me to do, she kinda raised her voice abit, which got me even more and more frustrated with every word that comes out of her mouth. Since I woke up, I didn't get to do anything I want. Then at 10pm, my friend called me to go out with them and celebrate I assume, so I told my mum I going out with my friends. And then she 'say' me, in front of her staff, this that this that. I say my friend call, then I just go, then she show me that FACE, that really dissatisfied to the extreme face. fucker. fuck her la, i whole day do things for u, i go out one nite with my friends also cannot?

then I took my car and sped away from the shop, that time I was fuming like wanan explode already.

ARRRGGHH!!!!!, I exploded.

translation :

driving home, like a mad man zig-zagging, tailgating,


then I go home, called my friend, told him that I cannot come out coz my mum dun let, I already didn't had the bloody mood to do anything already. Then I just changed and went to bed, ad sunk into my how-to-be-positive book.

How to be positive when most of the people around you are so negative and saying things that are bringing you down.
Negativity or positivity is contagious, bad or good attitude is contagious.
It's hard to remain positive.

The whole day I've been trying to maintain that positive attitude,
tolerating her words, and kept my patience at a very high level.
towards the end of the day, my patience canister was almost empty. Until that last bit, patience ran out, and exploded.

Typing this is already making me sweaty.

But after that, we said sorry to each other, I forgived her, not sure if she did forgive me. And things are okay now, now I don't even get to see her often, for the past few days, when I'm out, she's home, when she's home, I'm out.

I want to see you mummy...I miss you

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


How to be don't want face?
How to be humble?
How to be not fake?
How to be down-to-earth?

I'm sick of my own attitude.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


how's things?
things are okay here.

Lately I've been eating at Vichudda's quite often, I just love their food. If you don't like malay food, you can come here, heard the food's pretty nice too.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
So today is gohtong day, or tong yuen day(yeah my friend said today is tong yuen day)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

nothing much lah, duno why my granpa make such a big fuss about it. once A YEAR U NOE!
EH! U haven't bath before eating dinner ah?...maybe coz we bhuddist la.

Christmas also once a year mah, but our family dun really care about christmas.
my cute granmama
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I think I'm wishing for something.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Wellness of the family?
wellness in relationships?
be financially stable?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

hmmm, judging from my serious face, I think I was wishing for something more important.
A ROTARY BUFFER! gimme gimme gimme gimme.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

it's fun to laugh. :D

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sole Proprietorship

I actually wanted to register myself, Wet Shine Detailing as a sole proprietorship, so that i'm a registered business.
but that my dad didn't allow me because he wanted to concentrate on my studies.
and of course DON'T wash cars for a living...

Besides that the polishing may make the neighbours complain, although they haven't I think they're at some extent fed up with 6 hours of

MmMmmmMMMMmmMmMmmmMmmMMMM 3 days in a row.

want to see something private?
My detailing record book! just made it, (yeah I didn't do my homework, just read through it)
Okay so let me show you,

I know my book keeping skills are not par with the ACCA accountants
my handwriting is like a three-year old's, bare with me, hehe.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

it's for me to keep stuff like
-appointments, so I don't forget whose car to detail when(although it most probably won't be necessary because I don't have that much customers anyway)
-detailing records(whose car I did when and what, So I can remind them when is the next time for a rewx or a maintenance detail)
-contacts( to contact them.... -.-;)
-and most importantly expenses,

So here it is, it's nice to see them all together, let's see, I started at 20th November 2006,
until my latest detail which was 18th December 2006, almost a month.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And how much did I made washing cars in a month?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Total=RM980(+rm30, forgot about the extra tip for the perdana v6 interior only job)
so that's RM1010 in total, in a months time. Not bad since my prices are considered DIRT CHEAP. For 180, that would only get you two coats of 'wax and polish', they use Autoglym's Radiant Wax a mild polish with durable wax protection, I don't think that step would get alot of defects out. Don't think they clay too.

That would be about the same, not as much but nearly as ppl who work in offices(office boy and such), or my previous job, a waiter at Secret Recipe.
But this of course have major benefits over the other. hmm let's see.

1. I am my own boss!
2. I can take breaks whenever I want
3. I get to do something I LIKE!
4. I don't have to slave endless hours serving customers and their needs.
5. I don't have to work 5 or 6 days a week.

I likeyy...but this was during my holidays, now school starts and most of the ppl I know has already let me detailed their cars, not many potential customers anymore.
Wanted to adcertise to my neighbours, but dad don't allow coz neighbour can actually file for a complaint for distrupting the peace of the neighbourhood, sigh, so far for bringing my work to a higher level.

But wait, that's not it, let me show you my expenses.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
woah a whole list of them!!

and the total?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

wtf...I couldn't believe that I spent more than 1k on car care products, these are the things that I could recall since I started buying things.
Oh no there's more i didnt include
I think total would be rm1500 or more. And that's not including the RM335 random orbital buffer, my dad sponsored me that one. so not included.

Profit=Income - Expenses.

I'm making a loss!...!... haha.

but considering that it took me that to slowly learn, I think I picked up the detailing bug around august or end of July, ok let's say August.

August, September, October, November.
Took me four months to learn and then 1 month to almost cover back what I spent on...for the four months.
Not bad actually....
quite satisfied now.

My next goal would be to:

short term goal:
-learn paint touchup(project after my exams, Feb 6-8)

long term goal:
-Buying,using and mastering the rotary buffer(hah, god knows when, if only I have the money, costs rm800+ this machine)
-After that I want to learn how to compound paint finishes and do some heavy cutting.

super long term goal:
-do more detailing during my 2nd year holidays(hopefully I don't fail any so I can have four months free)
-save up the cash.
-Open a wet shine detailing centre.
-use my marketing skills(if any, haha) to advertise and provide excellent, superb, and professional service to my customers to beat any average detail shops around, probably not Autodetailer PJ, but I'll give it a shot.

Dream goal:
-Open wet shine detailing centres nationwide and be make the term wet shine detailing the first thought of many when ppl they want to shine up their ride.

After that, marry, settle down, have a family and let my centres do the work for me.
Save up, invest in shares and finance my kids future education.

HAH! don't be stupid, u think u can achieve all that by blogging this now and not doing ur tutorial work? BAH! And you think it's so simple? if it is then why can't others do that?

Shut up inner dialogue, now that I have a goal to achieve, I now my objectives and realize that it's more important that I do well in my subjects. I'll give it a try,
Hear dthat to rent a shop is about 6k per month, if I earn enough now and next year end, I could probably get about that amount, I'll open for a month.
one month won't probably be enough to cover it, i'll push it to two months, if still cannot, then abandon plan. at least I tried. But I won't let it happen. Cause I'll perfect my skills from now.

oops time to go to class,


Driving is going to drive me crazy

Woke up by my mum at 10, ask me to help her by something at ss2, and then have to fetch sis to frens house ni DU...

woke up, bath, brush,straight away fetch sis to DU, go SS2 get "loong kee yuk kon, see yat see, lei yat thing hoi chong yee", come back, sned mum to Kargo/LCCT/Air Asia' terminal and come back...

All the driving is going to drive me crazy, reach home around 2.00pm
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and when I reach home, I see my granpa,

"yeh yeh.."
"mmm, eih, mama ask you to fetch her back from Puchong"
"nolah at night first maybe 7 or 8 nly go"
*search grandmother, dial*
"*mama, (translated) why didn't call me to fetch you just now, I was out just now"
I was fuming...wanted to come home and nap awhile..then..must go out again.

How to control like that , somebody tell me.
so easily angry....
then when i fetched her at around 10 just now only she said that actually she ask granpa fetch, but then when granpa talk to me, he asid mama ask me to fetch.

KNN putar belit punya grandfather, duwun to fetch say duwun la...yorrr.....

I raised my voice at my granma in the afternoon for no reason.

*dummy betul*

oh christmas is coming...hmmm, thinking of spending my hard earned cash on a flashlight to see swirls on paint. One will cost about rm100-rm300..

or maybe tint my car, so that I don't have to sweat every afternoon when I drive, about rm300 also.


btw it's 1.30am now, I'm supposed to do my tutorial homework, but lazy...

so, drink coffee and don't sleep,
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
hehe, lazy to organize my computer table aso.

I like this book,
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
It talks about how important a positive attitude is, how to maintain that attitude and stuff.
I'm about halfway through it. But the effects like temporary this afternoon go and scold my granma..
susah nyer..

Here are some of my favourite YUI songs. Listen to them where you have the time.

Oh, wanted to post what I did on my birthday on November the 20th, I know, one month ago. Just to share.

ohh now i remember
I had the bestest best best best birthday gift ever from my sister!
First she gave me a Padini plastic bag,

"nah kor, happy birthday"
"hah.....why give me shirt..."

then I looked inside...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This towel costs RM70 and I've wanted it a long long time ago, water magnet man.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

but after a month of use, stuipd piece of towel, not good also, I prefer my rm20 PVA chamois...
this thing can't absorb shit. I'm selling it for rm30, for whoever that reads this wants it.

nyway during my birthday, my dad had a berbeque for me, just with my own family and a 2 aunties who are staying with us.

My cute grandmother and my bro, Kennedy.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Pro detailer,
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

sis enjoying lamb that I marinated, "Brown sugar glazed lamb", u can search for the recipe on google.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Outside the house,
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and Gary decided to ditch squarepants to celebrate my birthday, thanks Gary!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

oh, did I tell you I donated blood?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Will update more when I have the time, or when I feel lazy to do my homework, hehe.
Have a Super Fantastic DAY!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

what a lonely day

So i go to school, early 15 minutes before my lecture,
and I sit down at an empty cafeteria,
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

alone, opening my accounts book, eating a ringgit forty tuna puff, with a bottle of mineral water, there were no one around.
Just me, and some bloke at a printing kiosk, probably looking at some upskirt pictures he took.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Then after class,
came home to fetch sis out, and then go to ikano, walk alone,
wandering around, bought something, wanted to watch movie....alone.
But then dun dare, coz after my friend said,

"damn miserable right"
"HI! I want to watch barnyard, ONE TICKET PLEASE"
swt...make me scared to go already, coz I want face u see...
So i didn't
walk around, oh then I went to get a my hair cut coz the back part of my hair is too long and my sideburns are almost horizontal.
Now i look like a school boy.
Then I went to mum's shop to see her and had half boiled eggs and Chinatown Roti Bakar.
And then did more lonesome stuff...

man I need to get out more often.

hmm, here's another recent picture of me, in case u wondered if I still looked the same, or different.

as a matter of fact, I look the same.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Monday, December 11, 2006


they said wanna update my windows media player 10 to 11,
wow free edition, got more features
*clicks update*

after updating...
they say to use windows media player 11, please validate if you Microsoft Windows is a genuine copy

u never say need original copy also befor i have to uninstall and reinstall and then update my whole library again
bloody cibai..and now i cant listen to my songs because im just too lazy to to all that.



After a week of slacking and idleness,

I’ve been inspired by a few successful and positive people around me.

If I want to be like them, I can’t if I continue to be idle.

Just came back from a wedding, man it was a beautiful wedding, at JW Marriott, KL. When hey showed the video of the car convoy of the bridegroom which consisted of a s350 merz, a redRX-8, a blue RX-7, a dark silver Skyline and one more white car. I absolutely smiled and almost teared at the video, I wanted my wedding or a car like that some day. If I am going to achieve that, I won’t be able to with idleness.

Lately I’ve been so blur I don’t know what’s going on,

My egomaniac personality returned and don’t give a fucks has also returned.

My sudden burst of self-improvement disappeared.

I was back to my old critical, envious elf.


It’s time for another change!

Bring on my summer classes,

Bring on that heavy swirled vehicle,


But first, one round of command & conquer generals. :P

I'm beginning to like this girl more,
I've only listen to two of her songs,
LIFE and Good-Bye Days, and I love them both.
I like her singing and voice better then BoA's actually,
but boa's is more soothing and relaxing(her slow songs), her fast songs some are nice and some can give you headaches! seriously, also she can't hit the powerful notes as other singers, IMO.

anyway tata, let's be positive baby!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I've hurt a few ppl's feelings around me.
I'm being arrogant again.
I'm being just don't give a damn anymore again.
I'm tired.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Detailing is Contagious

As the tile says, this detailing thing is getting into ppls blood around me, first my granpa, my little bro and now my dad.

While I was detailing my dad's fren's interior(

My dad wanted the whole car to look good, not just the instead so he wanted to help.
First i said no, coz he's gonna put swirls in the paint and miss out the fender wells and stuff, but I didn't tell him that of course. Since time was running out(we were going out for dinner), then he wasked me to hand him the brushes and prepare him a bucket with wash solution.

and check him out! haha, first time he ask, I help u wash the car ah,
I said, no! you dunno how.

"Your daddy has been washing cars before you were even born, how can you say daddy dunno"

haha, fine so I let him at it. I borrowed him the brushes and chemicals.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And then, Mr. ULTIMATE TurtleWax Detailer( came and gave one of his AWESOME advices.

"I tell him using Fab can clean even more better, duwun to listen"

-.-; -.-; -.-; -.-; -.-; -.-; -.-; -.-; -.-; -.-;

anyway, wah my dad wash car damn fast, didnt missed any parts too, even got down on to the bumpers, but of course, instilling lots of swirls into the paint at the same time.

Then he asked got any thing to cha(rub/apply) to make it more shiny?

I gave him Meguiar's CleanerWax, showed him how to do it on a panel, and then he did the whole car.Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Check out my dad's wax job!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

not bad wei, quite uniform....for a 'first-timer'

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Runs in the family... :)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

I want face

That's another problem that I just figured out with me...after reading some self-help books,
i knew most of my bad qualities that I want to fix...there was still something missing, until my friend pointed it out to me...well not directly la.

I tengah yum-cha with my bunch of high school frens,
and this guy aske..I'll just name them la.
Shin asked me,

"hey you know from our school one, wai chiong(or something)"
"Don, you know right? wai chiong"
Don : "er, no, dunno"
Me : I dunno also
Don : "wtf dunno say dunno lah..I think so.."

knn, lucky he pointed out to me..straight forward enough.

Finally, I found it...something like the opposite of being humble, because I don't want to lose face, I say things like

I did it, but I didn't
I know it, but I don't
blaming other ppl
cannot easily admit my own mistakes.

if didn't say didn't la..putar belit for what...because of this ppl can tell that I'm actually insecure, and because always want face, ppl will think that I'm very proud/mildly lansi.

I finally figured that out, hopefully I can fix it.

besides that I acutally typed a quite long post in Microsoft word, but didn't have the time to upload pics to go with them. lazy...I'll copy and paste some of what I typed.

now I know what's my FAVOURITE HAIR(girls)...
Its parted, middle or side..whichever more 'in'. semi blond or not so light blonde or highlights whatever you called it, lonnng hair. droooool. I'll couple with any girl that has that kinda hair...not too ugly also la.
love love love it!!!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Boa has that before and this girl called Tommy Heavenly and another girl that I think is




C U T E.

Kawaii Sarang Heyo Aishteru!!

ok now I'm being a stalker.

wot else, oh yeah,

muuu ha ha ha. Any1 wants me to detail their car? pls call me. or wtvr, if you're reading this blog, you probably know me personally so can call la hai mai.

..yeah that's from the older post

got other parts about me learning more about self-help, but don't think wanna post it...
quite stupid one and abit proud/mildly lansi/obnoxious.

and do yourself a favour
go here :
read the post(2nd one at time of posting this)
and download YUI for Kaoru Amane - Good-Bye days.

Normaly I prefer korean songs over japanese..but this..the more I listen the better it sounds...It's a video btw..and it's on replay since like an hour ago..and it's still nice! less than 100mb only the torrent. go dl pls.

tmr will be detailing a mercedes got time limit of a day...cannto do M83 and M80...ergh...anyway that's all..quite boring la this time to think about stuff now.

oh yeah my exam results are out

I failed my law which I already knew I will since I come out from the exam hall...
Both Micro and Macro econs which I think I did well I got distinctions...
for marketing dunno fail or pass I got credit...

so this sem I think quite good lo...hopefully next sem won't fail any. hopefully.

ok thats all, I love you. good nite! :)