Thursday, December 28, 2006

How I spent my Christmas eve

I'm sure everyone has lots of partying stories, friends getting drunk after the countdown, or during the countdown. Having a wonderful dinner with friends and/or family, or just diong something that makes them feel really good and happy.
Most of the time, christmas isn't something really that I bother about, except that when I was younger, my sis and I would use to hang Christmas socks on the cupboard, and we'd go to sleep before twelve, and when we wake up in the morning, we would find gifts in the socks! I I really believed in 'Santa' that time, until two christmases later when I foudn out it was actually my mother. Wonderful childhood memories, times when there were no obligations or responsibilities, just HAVING FUN TO THE MAX!

Talk about having fun to the max, there was once where my sis and I woke up and then excitedly played our new video game console, the Sega 32-bit, the one with the cartridge, yes, that one, without a controller that vibrates. I remembered playing th titles Alladin and Sonic the Hedgehog, that day, my sis and I would wake up, play, eat and continue playing. We played till the evening, when mum returned, we were still in our pyjamas from yesternight!
Then she realy scold like a beast, I remembered that it was super loud and it was one of the scariest days, of my life! Not only the scolding, she would also bring a cane/rotan and cane us.
I got caned in my left arm, near the shoulder(the area where they inject ur BCG), she caned me twice on that area, it created an 'X' mark, and it bleed.

I mean, the blood not like flowing down like that lah, just had a bloody(literally) red 'X' on my left arm. ouch..

So this christmas eve, hmmm, lemme see, what did I do. There were no christmas socks or turkey. I woke up at around 12 noon, I would've slept longer if my mum didn't call me to run some errand for her, drove to somewhere, can't remember where, and tehn reached home and then brouhgt my granma out and came home, then helped my mother go to two places to get more things and came home. I forgot what I did, but I drove since I woke up until about 8pm and then go tapau KFC coz my mum was celebrating with her staff at her kopitiam(and I was suppose to join her), reached there at around 9pm, then went out again to find baloons, coz she wanted to play some games, reached back at 10, coz cannot find.

and most of the errand she asked me to do, she kinda raised her voice abit, which got me even more and more frustrated with every word that comes out of her mouth. Since I woke up, I didn't get to do anything I want. Then at 10pm, my friend called me to go out with them and celebrate I assume, so I told my mum I going out with my friends. And then she 'say' me, in front of her staff, this that this that. I say my friend call, then I just go, then she show me that FACE, that really dissatisfied to the extreme face. fucker. fuck her la, i whole day do things for u, i go out one nite with my friends also cannot?

then I took my car and sped away from the shop, that time I was fuming like wanan explode already.

ARRRGGHH!!!!!, I exploded.

translation :

driving home, like a mad man zig-zagging, tailgating,


then I go home, called my friend, told him that I cannot come out coz my mum dun let, I already didn't had the bloody mood to do anything already. Then I just changed and went to bed, ad sunk into my how-to-be-positive book.

How to be positive when most of the people around you are so negative and saying things that are bringing you down.
Negativity or positivity is contagious, bad or good attitude is contagious.
It's hard to remain positive.

The whole day I've been trying to maintain that positive attitude,
tolerating her words, and kept my patience at a very high level.
towards the end of the day, my patience canister was almost empty. Until that last bit, patience ran out, and exploded.

Typing this is already making me sweaty.

But after that, we said sorry to each other, I forgived her, not sure if she did forgive me. And things are okay now, now I don't even get to see her often, for the past few days, when I'm out, she's home, when she's home, I'm out.

I want to see you mummy...I miss you


izso said...

Your mom runs a shop in the curve? Hmm.. how's the food?

kenneth said...

nope not in the's at padang kota.
I think food is great, but service is not on par, :P .
So IF you get served abit slow, sorry ya, unless I'm the waiter there..hahahaah, jkjk