Saturday, December 02, 2006

I want face

That's another problem that I just figured out with me...after reading some self-help books,
i knew most of my bad qualities that I want to fix...there was still something missing, until my friend pointed it out to me...well not directly la.

I tengah yum-cha with my bunch of high school frens,
and this guy aske..I'll just name them la.
Shin asked me,

"hey you know from our school one, wai chiong(or something)"
"Don, you know right? wai chiong"
Don : "er, no, dunno"
Me : I dunno also
Don : "wtf dunno say dunno lah..I think so.."

knn, lucky he pointed out to me..straight forward enough.

Finally, I found it...something like the opposite of being humble, because I don't want to lose face, I say things like

I did it, but I didn't
I know it, but I don't
blaming other ppl
cannot easily admit my own mistakes.

if didn't say didn't la..putar belit for what...because of this ppl can tell that I'm actually insecure, and because always want face, ppl will think that I'm very proud/mildly lansi.

I finally figured that out, hopefully I can fix it.

besides that I acutally typed a quite long post in Microsoft word, but didn't have the time to upload pics to go with them. lazy...I'll copy and paste some of what I typed.

now I know what's my FAVOURITE HAIR(girls)...
Its parted, middle or side..whichever more 'in'. semi blond or not so light blonde or highlights whatever you called it, lonnng hair. droooool. I'll couple with any girl that has that kinda hair...not too ugly also la.
love love love it!!!
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Boa has that before and this girl called Tommy Heavenly and another girl that I think is




C U T E.

Kawaii Sarang Heyo Aishteru!!

ok now I'm being a stalker.

wot else, oh yeah,

muuu ha ha ha. Any1 wants me to detail their car? pls call me. or wtvr, if you're reading this blog, you probably know me personally so can call la hai mai.

..yeah that's from the older post

got other parts about me learning more about self-help, but don't think wanna post it...
quite stupid one and abit proud/mildly lansi/obnoxious.

and do yourself a favour
go here :
read the post(2nd one at time of posting this)
and download YUI for Kaoru Amane - Good-Bye days.

Normaly I prefer korean songs over japanese..but this..the more I listen the better it sounds...It's a video btw..and it's on replay since like an hour ago..and it's still nice! less than 100mb only the torrent. go dl pls.

tmr will be detailing a mercedes got time limit of a day...cannto do M83 and M80...ergh...anyway that's all..quite boring la this time to think about stuff now.

oh yeah my exam results are out

I failed my law which I already knew I will since I come out from the exam hall...
Both Micro and Macro econs which I think I did well I got distinctions...
for marketing dunno fail or pass I got credit...

so this sem I think quite good lo...hopefully next sem won't fail any. hopefully.

ok thats all, I love you. good nite! :)

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