Monday, December 11, 2006


After a week of slacking and idleness,

I’ve been inspired by a few successful and positive people around me.

If I want to be like them, I can’t if I continue to be idle.

Just came back from a wedding, man it was a beautiful wedding, at JW Marriott, KL. When hey showed the video of the car convoy of the bridegroom which consisted of a s350 merz, a redRX-8, a blue RX-7, a dark silver Skyline and one more white car. I absolutely smiled and almost teared at the video, I wanted my wedding or a car like that some day. If I am going to achieve that, I won’t be able to with idleness.

Lately I’ve been so blur I don’t know what’s going on,

My egomaniac personality returned and don’t give a fucks has also returned.

My sudden burst of self-improvement disappeared.

I was back to my old critical, envious elf.


It’s time for another change!

Bring on my summer classes,

Bring on that heavy swirled vehicle,


But first, one round of command & conquer generals. :P

I'm beginning to like this girl more,
I've only listen to two of her songs,
LIFE and Good-Bye Days, and I love them both.
I like her singing and voice better then BoA's actually,
but boa's is more soothing and relaxing(her slow songs), her fast songs some are nice and some can give you headaches! seriously, also she can't hit the powerful notes as other singers, IMO.

anyway tata, let's be positive baby!