Tuesday, December 19, 2006

what a lonely day

So i go to school, early 15 minutes before my lecture,
and I sit down at an empty cafeteria,
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alone, opening my accounts book, eating a ringgit forty tuna puff, with a bottle of mineral water, there were no one around.
Just me, and some bloke at a printing kiosk, probably looking at some upskirt pictures he took.
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Then after class,
came home to fetch sis out, and then go to ikano, walk alone,
wandering around, bought something, wanted to watch movie....alone.
But then dun dare, coz after my friend said,

"damn miserable right"
"HI! I want to watch barnyard, ONE TICKET PLEASE"
swt...make me scared to go already, coz I want face u see...
So i didn't
walk around, oh then I went to get a my hair cut coz the back part of my hair is too long and my sideburns are almost horizontal.
Now i look like a school boy.
Then I went to mum's shop to see her and had half boiled eggs and Chinatown Roti Bakar.
And then did more lonesome stuff...

man I need to get out more often.

hmm, here's another recent picture of me, in case u wondered if I still looked the same, or different.

as a matter of fact, I look the same.

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izso said...

Fuh.. check out the ceiling.. so... modern. Sunway college right?

kenneth said...

heh heh, only that part of the whole building looks modern, :P
yup sunway/monash college/university.
same cafeteria