Sunday, January 28, 2007

Busy day tmr

6.45 am : Send kids to school and drop granma at the taxi stand for her to go to the hospital
9.45 am : Go to police station with mum to report about the 'accident', to claim from insurance
11.30 am : Go 1u, tapau lunch(prosperity burger) for bro and maybe go window shopping and check if the arcade has re-opened, got raided by MPBJ about a week ago, dunno why.

1 pm : Fetch bro back from school, bath and go tuition straight
2 pm : Pick yvonne back, go to dad's office with granma.
2 pm ish : see 2nd hand kancil with father, see worth to buy or not. I'll be more interested in the paint, whether if it's a respray or original, if ori, then I can buff it out nicely to make it at least 50% brand new.
4 pm : come home, probably rest, or play some cs, or read my book, or watch tv.
5.45 pm : Pick kennedy back from tuition.
6.20 pm : Wash grandfather's car, clean interior(2 weeks since last regular cleaning, he's paying me RM40 a month to maintain it, cheap-ass-labour)
9 pm : prepare stuff to study tmr with Derek(my new friend, whom I met during my summer classes)

I want to brag about this dude.

Derek Quek, studying Biotech in my same uni.
I have 12 hours of classes per week during my normal semester,
he has 24 hours, twice of mine, he's from Seremban,
every friday or saturday he goes back to his place to work during the weekends,
he lives in a sufficient condo over here without the luxuries,
he's using a laptop without all the extras,
I can remember the clothes he wear,
He taught me how to do my assignment eventhough I'm the one doing the subject for the 2nd time.

He is ;
-thrifty! (this means saves alot rite?)
-knows his priorities.

He's one of my role models.

My other role models that I can easily remember is ;


-I would say that, he is the MOST MOSTEST uncritical person I've ever met...
on forums, when I would see a post that I disagree about and really want to disagree with that forummer...
Zey would post something that agrees with him instead...
- I can brag about this guy all day.

My other role model is my dad
He has, UNLIMITED patience and humility...seriously....
with my mum's temper(she's totally yhte opposite of my dad), I wonder how my dad went through all these years....

Just bought two books.
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want to buy another one called, "the power of humility"

hmm, I feel that this post is not really myself and it's abit fake, coz maybe while typing, in my head I'm telling myself, ppl are going to read this, try to impress them...

I need to learn to be humble.


izso said...

being humble means not to brag and boast. Trying to impress means exactly that. Two different things. And you can impress without having to boast what, that was a good posting.

And this Derek guy, don't start kissing his feet you know. Everyone has flaws, just a matter of how well they choose to hide it.

Jian said...

hey that derek guy sounds like a pretty cool guy!! GO LEARN FROM HIM!! LOL

EH I GOT THAT BOOK!!!! i think =_="'''

Kenneth said...

thanks, among my role models, you are one of them (no, I'm not trying to impress you)
so lemme state here..
the quality I admire most about izso is his non-sensitivity towards insults.
Ppl will insult him up down left right, although they're just playing, izso can give them back with a smile or a chuckle.
Me, I'll just build up a venting room inside me and steam will cotinue building and that makes me dun like them...

I can sense, this Derek guy, he's an original. :)

yeah man he is cool!...
haha u mean the first book? that's what Mr.Lee first point out towards on our first day during SAM, 7 habits of highly effective ppl, when he explains each point one by one, that time I'm thinking "what the hell is this old faggot babbling about"...
sorry Mr.Lee!

izso said...

No no.. I'm not saying Derek is a fake, I'm saying he's got good restraints (in terms of hiding his flaws).

Me a good insult taker? Sure boh? There are key words when applied to me will make me want to pek yau. Hehe.

Besides, sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me. Unless you want me to beat you up you won't use names either.