Monday, January 01, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's 2007!!!!!

booohahaha, first and foremost let me share someone I saw at around 2am, 1st January, 2007.
I dunno who is that but it's a she, and she wore a body hugging beige spaghetti strap, with her black bra strap visible, and then she wore chocolate jeans and what a shapely booty she has, and her hair was long and straight and she wore some cool glasses. oooh I'm in love!!! sexy sexy hot hot!

anyway what did I do, (it'll be a bit boring from here) I became a waiter at my mum's Chinatown Kopitiam, I dunno what is it with me, everytime when there's rush hour and I'm a waiter, I just get so pumped and fired up, the pressure and speed combines to give you that adrenaline surge, that's addictive! Call me dumb, but, I love being a waiter at rush hour!

then we had a countdown at the shop 10,9,...3,2,1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! boom baang, then we saw the fireworks shooting from 1u and The Curve/Ikano/Ikea/Tesco, and then I had to send an uncle back, which was just before the curve, and I need to go trhough it to U-turn back, that place had a concert there, and it was FRIGGIN PACKED! cars were stuck at every road, not moving for 5minutes. After 5 minutes, cars probably made a 1cm crawl. After waiting half an hour, I just gave up, parked the car at the side, locked it and walked to see what's holding up the traffic.

I walked and walked till I reached my mum's shop! which was about 10 mins drive away, about 40-50 mins walk? Nothing caused the jam, just massive traffic jammed together at the same time.

Although I didn't get to spend time with muh frens, which I really wanted to, I wasn't that disappointed cause I got to be a waiter at rush hour! Saw awesome fireworks, drive like a freaking sohai(my favourite bit everyday), blast my groove coverage while waiting half an hour in a jam, getting to help my parents(so I can ask them to tint my car, XP) and seeing a super chun hot hot sizzling hot sexy baby chick!!!! waaaaa heart meltzzz (haha lala shit).



izso said...

Now.. let me understand : Do you get the rush of running around a cafe doing waiter stuff or the rush of the money that you get paid at the end of the day?

And I spent NYE at a friends house playing Gin Rummy. More fun than getting stuck in traffic that's for sure!

Izso said...

Incidentally I saw a lot of hot bods that night. Drool...

kenneth said...

yes, the rush from getting called from ppl, and then having to manage certain things, and remembering certain things at the same time, running around...everything!

oh yeah! thx for reminding dude, gotta ask mum for my pay. lol!

heh heh, played Gin Rummy eh, dun rub it in buddy..haha

yeah man! HOT BODS!!

yapster said...

Hey bro, Happy New Year. Yalah..damn long now only wish u on MSN mar.. -_-" anyways, been really busy with my studies lately. Midyear on 22nd Jan onwards..wth...gota study durin hols sumore..(but din study in the end

Had a realy good read. I enjoy reading your posts. Tho the emo ones are rather erm..emo and saddening? I wish i could help you out man. If theres anything, feel free to msg me yeah! I'll be here to help you out!

Btw, i admire your passion for detaling. One thing you can learn from it, put your focus right and you can achieve just about anything. Yes, even Law.. (if ure still taking that subject..)

Well, till then, Take care and God Bless!

adriAn said...

update ler

kenneth said...

ahhh, so now only can see...
dumb mozilla firefox can't show the comments...gotta use IE. anyway,

yup we chat awhile..
so what your new year's resolution?
mine's 1024x768...

I will I will, there's hardly any1 to talk to nowadays...introvert :P.

Jesus Bless..

why must I update when u dun update urs hah?
can't even find ur blog, deleted? or change to secret address again.
NEway will update soon lar,...nothing to update about atm...i can't upload pics to photobucket..

take care of urself and ur Chivas

izso said...

Fishbone - uh.. not my bradder.. I FEEL YOU BRADDER should be more precise. XD

yapster said...

Walau...damn wai la you kenneth..i thought you like hot girls like BOA...go FEEEEEEEL peoples "Brother"...tsk tsk....u sure u okay ah? im here to help k...just ask if theres anything... :P