Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Faster Mature Please!

When can I be mature? When can I be like an adult? I'm not sure if my 'philosophy' is correct but I think girls or women go for mature guys? Mature in the sense that, guys, who have humility, discipline, responsibility and such. I don't think I am mature yet, or at all. Of course in the past few weeks, I have also realized that I have been 'acting' too 'maturely'. I became very dull and boring. Speaking of humility, I cam across this term, false humility. That term or phrase and the meaning of it has never come across me before, until I saw it, and then only I realized that at times, my humility was FALSE!!

I was trying to talk to adults with humility (which almost always ends up me talking like I know everything, i.e. omniscient ( see there I go again trying to tell people I know that word)). It is good to practice humility, but when I try too hard, people just don’t feel like talking to me, or the conversation would get difficult to go on, and I have always wondered why, now I know, or I think I know, false humility. Sometimes you just have to be yourself.

When I talk to people who are very comfortable with the way they are, it’s areal delight having to talk to a person that is genuine and not just talking to your for the sake of pleasing you, which is what I believe, I have been doing, al this while. Accompanied together with a synthetic smile.

I think for now, for about getting a girlfriend, I will leave it till I become mature, or become an adult, if I ever will, or maybe that’s not even the correct way to think . Anyway we cant all be serious. My dad is a real joker sometimes, adults who joke, are DAMN FUNNY! Haha, just thinking about the TTs make me laugh. For now, I think I should just be young while I still can, and don’t look to grow up too quickly. I think many of my friends have already figured that out. I’m one of the slow ones. =P

For the friends who have not given up on me and still talk to me despite my lack of humility or sometimes false humility, I want to thank you for continuing to persevere with me, I mean it, that was not false humilityß is this statement indicating false humility? Haha, I don’t know.

On a more materialistic note, I can’t friggin wait to get my suspension done!! I want new springs and shocks, new bushes(if can PU), an anti-roll bar and hopefully new tires! ( my continental comfort have already reached the wear indicators, I won’t be changing back to them anymore, not very grippy, although very predictable, your car will feel like it’s ice-skating when driving on wet road.

I also cant wait to detail la…after seeing this car.

Image hosted by servimg.com(note, I did not detail this car, Darren Chang from AutoDetailer did, and the job does not cost RM100 or 200 or 500…costs near the range of RM3000!

I keep saying to myself.”I also can lerrrr”

One day I want to say,

my name is fishbonezken, and I am a detailer. (hah, fat chance)

mental note : this post, not really being myself. Argh....


Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

testing, can comment?

izso said...

yahoo.. can post again.

And I think you are being yourself when you talk about detailing and stuff like that.

You shouldn't think so much and just talk whatever that comes to mind - as long as it doesn't offend, then there's no problem.

You're bloody 19 la bro, at that age I was still chasing skirts and laughing at banana peel slips. I was one of the slow ones too.. :P Hahaha

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

Thanks izso, hehe didn't know you still check back at my blog.

I know, I shouldn't think too much... most of the time I don't think, or sometimes..ego will kick in and THEN i'm not really being myself.

chasing skirts *drool*

izso said...

What's with ego and not being yourself? What makes you think it's ego? Anyway, sometimes ego makes a person too you know. It's the experience that'll change the ego, so don't worry so much la bro. If it kicks in then let it kick in.

And I always check your blog la. Your posts are damn funny sometimes

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

kekeke, ty dude, I know, I crack myself up sometimes(ego/perasan<--malay word)..hahaha