Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hi Hi ^.^

Sleepy and tired, phoo, exams coming in about 19 days from now.

According to my schedule, I won’t have time for anything else but revision!

If only I have the discipline to do so.

A book says that it’s not people don’t have the discipline that keeps them from accomplishing something, it’s the lack of passion for the result that keeps them from doing something.

For example, like polishing, if you start the project by thinking and visualizing the flawless finish, the journey there is simple and very enjoyable.

If for studying, maybe most people would begin with the end in mind, the end being a Distinction or a High Distinction. I’m not that ambitious, I do begin with the end in mind. Not because I want to be successful, rather, the fear of being unsuccessful!

What if I can’t earn enough to give my parents the life that they give me, what if, I downgrade them to live in a smaller house, etc. etc. What if, I can even afford their medical bills! And and, they can’t get to live as long as they wished. *choi, touch wood*

But, What If?

My plan and dream has always been to work and build up enough capital for me to open my own detailing business. What if I can’t?

Fear. . . . .

Things I will be looking forward to are, two cars that I’ll be detailing thanks to Izso,


And also…..erm… that’s it..

Oh and also new suspensions if I’m getting them! Yeah I know I know, I always said I’m not materialistic, I should appreciate that I’m driving a car than riding a bike, but…. Very uncomfortable lah….feeling every little tiny bumps on the road. When I drive my dad’s 2nd hand 7 year old Satria also feels like driving a luxury Mercedes S class. So anyone out there that’s driving a CAR, appreciate it. Don’t ask for more.

Ok pretty pointless post anyway, haven’t been posting any emo posts lately…

Have to get in touch with my spiritual self first.

See ya

My nigga

Bombastic, mr. fantastic.

Oh yeah I was passing my school library and saw a book with the title. The Bear Necessities, makes me feel like watching The Jungle Book


izso said...

The nigga and boombastic part was... weird. XD

And good luck with the exams.

You better get your ass in gear man.. a degree is what you need to get around in life, if you're up for it, go for masters after that. But minimum degree la bro

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

nigga, bombastic, trying to be random, I know a guy, who is freaking random and you will laugh confirm...

tyty, I'll try...did I mention, the other day I spent two hours in the library dreaming about what my car would feel like with new suspensions.. and then I was drawing the route near my place to test it...
thinking about how to record a video.

And drawing my-future wiralution upgrade.

izso said...


And what la.. wiralution? :P

My suggestion is to stiffen up the suspension and chassis first before you go to do anything on the engine. You won't believe how crappy our chassis is in terms of flexing.