Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I have been humbled by a Vios

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So on the way home from school, I was using the highway about to turn in to Area 1, it is a long sweeping corner, don’t need brakes. About 100m away from the corner I see this Silver Vios zooming past, as soon as I saw it’s upgraded muffler and GT wing and a few stickers, I thought “hah, another all show and no go car, I’ll eat you at the corner”, so I started accelerating into area 1, cornered and to my little surprise, he didn’t brake, normally every car would brake before entering, one time a Proton Waja tiong me from behind so close , as soon as I turn into Area 1, he braked already and I just went along.

This time this Vios didn’t, I couldn’t catchup, despite the fact that I was flooring it at 3rd gear, no tyre screeching, so I reasoned that I didn’t have enough road to build up speed before entering. Never mind, reached the green rectangular area, which is the Toll Plaza, we both had SmartTags, fair enough, we both came out of the gate slowly, I could’ve over took him in 1st and second gear but didn’t do anything (cause he would’ve overtook me on the long straight ahead anyway), thought he wouldn’t play anymore.


He over took an MPV from the left, I followed and damn that Vios could ACCELERATE! Our distance kept getting further and further until we reached traffic light 1.

“hehehe, this is my territory, I’m gonna eat you”

We both turned right and immediately overtook two cars from the left, area two are some loose turns without the need for braking, shit he accelerated damn fast ahead didn’t brake too, his car looks very steady with MINIMAL body roll! car was like flinging left and right, tyres haven’t screeched yet. Enter area three, is two sharp right turns, confirm must brake,

“hehehe, I’ll late brake you into the corner”

He late braked as well, better brakes too! Mine are Heavy Duty ones, last longer but doesn’t stop the car as good, I understeered through the two corners, I didn’t hear any sound coming from his tyres, this time abit closer to him. Then entered area 4. This time I didn’t underestimate him at all.

Area 4 is a medium curved left turn, but is downward sloping, so grip would be very much lesser, if you played Laguna Seca, it’s like going down the corkscrew, but not so steep la.

Area 4, I understeered the crap out of that corner, my steering angle was super to the left already and summore cut out to the next lane i.e, NO GRIP!, his car, didn’t notice any understeering, he exited the corner quick and then smoked me on the straight to the next traffic light, I had to U-turn back to my house, and he went straight. I was clapping and smiling in the car, wah geng, and wouldn’t mind having another go with him!!!!!

That was FUN!!

Btw, both my rear absorbers are dead, only supporting my car’s weight through the springs, front are almost dead.

I want change suspension(GAB)!!! RM1000

I want anti-roll bar!!! Less than RM200

I want strut bar!!! Less than RM200

I want lower profile tyres and rims!!! RM1000?

I have been humbled


izso said...

I soooooo wanted to comment in this post.

Gab adjustables or the standard ones? If standard I think it's less. Talk to Drex.

Antiroll bar? Doesn't your car have one? Or not at all? You can consider half cut you know, the lower arms comes with the brackets and stuff to hold the ARB.

I think your rims and tyres will come last, if yo can master what you have now, upgrading will only make it easier to handle.

and I wanna try that route you drive around in. Sounds like a good test of skill.. hehe

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

Nope no anti-roll bar for the rear.
Good idea , for the half cut, I'll see what they cost

Since going to change springs and everything might as well top up and get adjustables?...will ask the guys at TT tmr night.

yeah and rims and tyres are EXPENSIVE!

I just checked with my mechanic, my front absorbers are actually okay, I think my expectations for my suspensions became higher after "racing" with that vios(even more if poisoned by Guan's CAR!)

That route is okay sometimes dangerous coz there are some corners that are abit blind and has junctions and have cars coming out from residentail area.. luckily that time no cars at all...

there's one more route to my house which is even more fun!....

I'll bring you the next time you come, hehehe...

and then we can also 'drag' hahaha!..just dun bring ur kelisa :P

izso said...

MUAHAHAHAHA.. Kelisa will whip ass!

btw, I got my rear antiroll bar half cut. RM200 for everything including the lower arms. But I had to spend a bit more to get the bushes changed la. But one word of advise - this isn't going to be a significant upgrade. It didn't really make a huge difference for me when I got it.

Come come.. we go play play.. after we get our suspensions done up. I can't do anything stupid with my car now, it's too dangerously wobbly.

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

drive my car, and it will RE-DEFINE WOBBLY!!!

yeah but i only getting my suspensions done up after exams(was thinking to record video to show before and after)..
after the Alpina detail(freaking looking forward to this one)..and then we can go zoom zoom.

serious are..I thought anti-roll bar is like super major give big difference... anyway we talk in TT la..

izso said...

TT, next TT if you go remind me to talk to you about the bars before khguan shows up