Monday, May 21, 2007

Procrastination is bad, period.

It's not only bad for what you're doing as in, like ur doing assignment, procrastinate all the way until the end, procrastinating won't let you do a proper job coz u'r rushing it.

That's not all there is to it, I got an assignment due at 4pm today, went to school and do, skipped tutorial, came home to do, but ended up procrastinating reading detailing forums. Procrastinated for about an hour then only i calculated the time I had left to do my assignment. It's 12.30pm, I have to pick up my bro, send him to lunch at a abit fancy cafe, send my sis home send bro to tuition, send grandmother to office. Then only I realized, I have no more time.

So I upset my granma abit coz i can't fetch, she pack everything ready to go already then im like..aiyor...useless. Then she follow us to lunch that time already no time. Ask my bro if can dun eat there anot, being my youngest and most pampered, *slightly*(actually very) spoiled bro, he would show his temper and then say duwun, cannot compromise with him, so ask him faster order and eat, then while he's eating im like rushing rushing, then he say back, why you don't do yesterday.

This phrase reminds me when I sometimes say to my sis or bro, that they themselves procrastinate, now I'm doing it, at a very bad level. Then call my mum, ask her if can fetch my bro to tuition or not, to buy me more time. So I had one hour to type and draw whatever I written on paper onto the PC and attempt the last subection of a question.

So far let's recall, got on grandma's bad side, brother's bad side and troubled my mum.

then I finished at 4.05pm (due at 4.30pm) and then deja vu all over again, driving air con off, pedal to the metal, late braking and understeering into and out of every corners, braking to a screeching stop at the toll for touch n' go. Very stressful, but also fun. And that's about RM20 worth of petrol gone.

Reach school with sweaty shirt and sweaty armpits, run up to the third floor and pant like a dog checking for last minute details. And then slip it in the assignment box.

Procrastinating, hazardous for you, and those around you.
Lack of discipline...


izso said...

You and I are alike in the procrastination part.

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

Low Five bro....
(Low because it's a bad thing, high five if it's a good thing)