Friday, June 22, 2007

Almost Accident!

Damn….just now drive in the rain. Here’s a picture, it’s not a tight curve… right hand let’s say at 3 o’clock, just need to turn to 5’o clock.

Right hand turn. My old tyres were continental comfort, which were comfortable and quiet, but not very grippy and very soft! After 9719KM, botak already.

So I changed to Goodyear’s Ducaro GA, GRIP! Very very nice tyres, but a treadwear 240, I think it’s a bit soft also. Cannot pek too much if not must change again.

Anyway, after using the tyres for about 900km, felt confident with it, and it’s quite predictable. So on the soaking wet road just now (at night, quite heavy rain)

I wanted to test the tyres grip, normally with the continental comfort, in the same scenario it will just keep understeering as long as I keep throttling.

Which was what I expected with these as well…

But no… flicked the steering wheel at about 70km/h (confident!) and oh shit. OVERSTEER!!!! In bloody freaking wet road. The last time I experienced this was on a dry road with 4 almost botak tyres… and then when I corrected that, too much, it oversteered the opposite side, and re-correct, and then it just spun 180 degrees.

So this time I think I learned my lesson from the past. Here’s a picture to illustrate better of what I did.

Image hosted by

First is straight line, then entered the corner abit too un-smoothly, kinda flicked it, and it oversteered, it would’ve normally understeered with the Continental Comfort tyres, this time it oversteered, the fact that the rear tyres were harder and the threads were also almost gone didn’t help the situation.

The time I spun out I corrected it about right hand 3 o clock to 9 o clock, and very violently, which unsettled the car even more, and a passenger behind, a girl ( sorry sumei ) I think smacked her face on the glass.

So this time, last two pics of the steering wheel, corrected it at around 12 o clock and 11 oclock, jiggling it in between.

And that time I was already shouting

“oh accident already, accident already” to my sister beside me.

If I corrected it more, confirm spin and hit the curb and grass and maybe fall into the drain on the left.

Luckily I didn’t!!! My heart was racing and feet and hands trembling.

I ask my sister, you didn’t feel anything ah?

She said, just feel it go sideways abit, swt -.-;

Summore just now in the dark and things were a blur, when I was correcting also cannot see the road…. scary

Next service have to change rear tyre.

The moral of the story is : Pek MORE corners so that you can react better in unexpected situations. Yeah!

so when you're dad says "Don't drive so fast ah!"
Don't listen. ;)


izso said...

mahchauhainiaseng! Pekking with Ducaro's in the rain??

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

why why?
Ducaro's are not grippy?...

izso said...

you should know.. you're using them! XD