Sunday, June 17, 2007

cram time

here are few very good reasons to cram for exams. The biggest one is that it doesn't work. Here are some others:
  • Your anxiety level will go up
  • You will lose sleep and eat poorly because of this
  • You will get sick more easily because of this
  • You will miss the exam because of this
  • You will take the much harder essay make-up exam because of this
  • You will fail the exam.
  • Seriously, at a minimum you will do worse on the exam than you would have otherwise.
  • Guaranteed.

Why does cramming not work?

There is a biological reason for this. The problem is that cramming information places it into our brains in short term storage. This is where you put everyday information that is not really worth remembering. In order to learn we have to transfer information into long term memory. Once there, you can retrieve it far easier over a longer period of time.

Cramming fails because you're relying on short term memory. This type is fairly unreliable. Where were you at 2:32 yesterday afternoon? Your brain once knew. Maybe there was a crime at your apartment and the police want to know. Short term memory fails under stress. You doubt your memory. The same thing happens when you take an exam, it's stressful.

That's why lah, procrastinate summore, now summore want to cram. Go fail lah you.

btw, did I mention, tehre's a new energy caffeine drink in town.

It's called the RedNesAlladincafe drink.

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ha ha ha, so funny right, ha ha.


izso said...

Does any of that stuff work? (the drinks)

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

Nescafe- like your normal coffee
Red Bull- haven't tried it
Power Root Alicafe- one can and you'll be awake all night!

izso said...

Alicafe that strong? Redbull was pretty good for me the last time I was driving long distance.