Monday, July 02, 2007

I am pooped

upper half of my body is now aching...
spent 5pm-11pm on saturday and 9am-7pm on sunday detailing.
See my work at

Went to eat at Secret Recipe just now, brought back alot of memories.
My brother ordered a set lunch which came with a chocolate brownie, WHICH IS TO DIE FOR!
mmmm, I remembered when I get hungry I would buy that and eat during my lunch break when working as a waiter. At RM2.50 (then) it was the cheapest and most satisfying stuff u can eat there....

bang for buck and damn....good.....
well here's an old post which I wrote after a month's job of becoming a waiter.
Memoirs of a Waiter
And then reading memoirs of a geisha during lunch breaks..ahh..those were the days la....
No stress about getting good grades, no stress about fucking fetching brother and sister around all the time.
Just go there and work. If only I knew how to appreciate it then, then to complain I can't wait to stop!
Guess we all have to learn how to appreciate our lives and ourselves at the present time. Right here, right now.

*fuiyoh, applause* hahahaha...

bye bye, off to eat the leftover brownie, I'M COMING BROWNIE!