Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Update on me.
Three weeks since my new semester has started, and haven't studied a single bit since my new semester started, been doing detailing even more.
Feel unmotivated and lazy, gotta get my priorities straight.

Now I'm sick, I think I got it from a friend, and maybe after awshing a car, body all wet straight away polish under the hot weather...extreme cold to extreme hot, then got flu, then a fever. then the fever made me blur...

Sick for three days, first day still detailing while sick, then didn't sleep at all coz bent my friend's rim. and then went his house to wait for AAM guy and played his XBOX360, played some racing game, fuiyoh drive mclaren F1, beats the crap out of a DB9.

yeah so that nite didn't sleep, made the fever worse, day 2 skipped school, day three today, finally gave in and see the doctor, on medication now, and I'm suppose to research something on the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, which I had about a week to work on, but detail and sick and now left one night, bloody hell procrastinating again.

So much for my new semester's resolution of no procrastinating and being a better student.

My room's a mess, my life's not straight...argh...get it back in line...


izso said...

Chill dude. Getting out of procrastination habits isn't easy. I of all people know it well. Take it a step at a time and force yourself to get something done. Once you start, it's easier to continue.

When when when on the Jag man?

adrian said...

if you need any help with anything give me a call alright?

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

argh sorry My semester ends i think on the 2nd week of October, but I don't know when my exams are, could be right after that one...

so I can't give you an exact date, yet.
what about around the first week of October?

If possible, best is three days. THen I think normal washes and it'll still look good till Nov 17. Myabe that time, i could do a quick one right before. gotta see my exam schedule first... sorry ya.

sure thing dude

izso said...

Hmm.. I think I need to sit down with you to discuss this. Anyway, ok la!