Sunday, September 09, 2007

Racing with a Satria Neo

This post was written three days ago, published today

So, me and my friend finished our class and decided to eat lunch together. Our campus' cafeteria was full, as always during lunchtime, we went to Sunway Pyramid to eat. Being our usual indecisive self, we decided that it has to be either Pizza Hut, KFC or Mcdonalds. I said I duwun Pizza Hut, next was his decision, he chose KFC.

"Hahaha, good, actually I also want KFC"

"Then say earlier lahh!"


So we go KFC and we both ordered their fish and chips, which suck. We both went to Kentucky Fried CHICKEN, to eat fish, when Long John's Silver is just three stores away. -.-; !!! swt...

After eating, we went to the new arcade upstairs and played initial D. I played I think about 5 rounds together, with me being the obvious winner =P (Who cares about Humility, Fuck It! Nyahaha I have a small mind, suck my balls and eat my dick) After he left, I played about 4 rounds more alone. Then went home

At the exit of Sunway Pyramid. There was this Satria Neo, we both had to look left and right for traffic to turn to the same junction. When traffic was clear, being the humble guy that I am =P, I let him go first. It was an irridescent white Neo with twin muffler tips in the middle instead of the single tipped standard one, with a pro-hatch and kakimotor sticker at the back.

So as usual, I drove at my normal pace (slightly faster than traffic) e also drove like that. I decided to follow him, we both just want to go home, quickly. Then he started to weave in and out of traffic, and being the humble guy that I am, it will be rude to decline his 'invitation'. So I followed him. ^^

This initiated the race, from Sunway Pyramid, using NKVE, he exited to Damansara while I headed for Kota Damansara. Most of the roads were straight, and the rest are high speed bends, my weakness since I have no anti-roll bars and only running on 13 inch wheels.

One thing I noticed was, his 110bhp 16V DOHC campro engine wasn't particularly fast. It could be an auto transmission, but most people that drive like that whom I know of, drive manual transmission, except for Izso, hehe. The Neo didn't pull away from me, maybe he is just 1-2 km/h faster. That's it. Compared to the Toyota Vios, damn the Vios was quick! and it's auto!!
Image hosted by
The vios on paper has same bhp with the campro but the Vios was hell alot quicker than the the Neo.

On the long bends I couldn't see the Neo, I think it handles very well. ARB, good rigid chassis, decent sized wheels, but the campro engine was a let down.
Image hosted by
1.6L 16V DOHC vs. my 1.3L 12V SOHC was keeping up with it, on low ends. He may have the top speed advantage, I have the power-to-weight ratio advantage. Now making me think twice if I should really go for the Proton Persona 1.6 M/T M-Line, actually made the booking already, but canceled coz :
  1. I want to wait for in-depth reviews of the car
  2. Speculate the rumors of the implementation of Cam Profile Switching(CPS) and Variable Intake Manifold(VIM) in the Waja in October.
  3. Grandpa advised me not to stretch my dad's expenses any further.
Oh at one point of the race I was thinking to myself, what if there was a cop, I checked my mirrors and blind spots to confirm, then two seconds later, I spotted one, about 100m away, I braked and followed traffic speed. The Neo didn't see the cop cause he just kept pushing, then I saw his brake lights come on, right behind the police, LoL! We go to the Damansara Toll, while the police headed for the Subang Airport road. Now we was already 100m away from me, there was a long bend behind the toll. I took the corner up to my tyre's limits, when reach the toll, he was already at the Smart Tag. The Neo can really take bends!!! Now I'm thinking to myself, A Satria Neo GTI would be the perfect car, good handling, killer looks(to me) and a powerful engine. The Persona's body is huge and tall and only on 15 inch wheels, definitely would loss to a Neo in a race, cornering, and in a drag(Persona is heavier)

Oh I broke my speed record, reached 175km/h when me, the Neo and a modified Volvo was blocked by a stupid Waja that refused to move. What a fun day! Initial D, the Neo, so suitable to end the day playing with my new polish. But I have an assignment to do ARRGGGHH!!

edit : I did played with the polish, which was procrastination and made me rushed my assignment, haha. Dumbo.


naz said...

next time call me :)
i wanna join!

izso said...

Wahlan. Why you put me in your post? Me slow baiiii...!!


Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

hahaha. that is a very humble comment, in my opinion. How do I become like that?
of course u can, but u'll smoke us all in a few seconds. hehe

hehe coz when i think of fast drivers, one of the names that pop up in my head is u. :P
yes izso, you are """ slow """ :P.

izso said...

mahchauhaitiuniaseng slow I am man! You can go 175km/h and my balls shrink at 160! :P How can I be fast?

Naz - picking on smaller cars isn't quite fair you know XD

Anonymous said...

loled at the way you compare a neo and a vios.... haha. funny

Anonymous said...

Wah so POWER ah u can tapau neo la next time...hehehehe

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

anonymous, hehe I'm not a pro at any means, of course my comparison is unscientific and biased. I know it's stupid hehe, coz I am.

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

And I appreciate you reading that rather long post