Monday, October 15, 2007

old posts hahaha

fucker my old posts damn fucking fake and bad, and to spell...
race-ist, racecist...RACSISCT fucker still got the red wavy underline means wrong spelling....
RACSICT <--WTF?? still wrong?


look at this post

apologies to muslim readers in advance.

that was so curseful.. but I like it, that was before me reading any self-help books, before me thinking before I respond, that was when I don't give a fuck(yeah I could've said damn but I like to say fuck, FUCK (oh it feels so good) ). I just respond.

Who cares if the outcome was good or bad, I didn't give a fuck, which soon made me realised that it was egoistic, I guess in some peoples eye, I like me when I was me last time..hehe who cares what people thinks about you, you go kenneth! yeah fuck it, fuck them, yeah doggie style them, fuck em hard OH YEAH.

And my old posts are about what I did during the day, and how I saw things during that day, or something like that, a bit boring but I like it, and none of that inspirational, self-help crap I'm worried about now anyways.

If I had wisdom, I'll probably be looking at myself as immature and childish.

let's call the wise me mr.W and the who gives crap me, mr.K, cuz that' who I am.
W : you son, are childish and immature, I forgive you for you do not know your mistake.
K : Oh go fuck an elephant and cum into his trunk, who cares if I'm immature and childish, I LIKE it the way I WANT it.
W : That is selfish, satisfying your own needs rather than the societies.
K : Oh fuck the society, if they don't like me for who I am right now, then DON'T
W : Please, Mr.K, don't you want to be loved?
K : Of course I do!
W : To be loved, you first have to GIVE love.
K : I sure as hell fucking can, I can fucking make love to the society, oh yeah bitch, come fuck me...
W : You sound like you have a lot of anger, don't you want to feel peaceful.
K : Fuck the peace, peace is boring, I like it hard to the core.
W : please, feel the peace, achieve nirvana, let's close our eyes and meditate.
K : wuttha FFFF, are you FUCKING INSANE?? WTF???????
W : Shhh, feel the peace, the silence and be calm.
*ran out of ideas*
the end

oh yesterday I went to "Gau Wong Yeh" this nine emperor gods thing, and there was this huge-fucking-chicken-ass chart which shows what each mole on your face/body represent.

Two moles on my face represented ~perniagaan merosot~ and ~susah mencari rezeki~

and the one on my right arm which really hit it on the nail was ~percintaan terhancur~

so damn fucking I was telling a friend that I should buang my tahi lalat so that I could have a gf, woohooo.

but of course being a wise and practical person he always is, he told me that I should accept the way it is and work harder...

LAZY laaa....just pay rm10, throw the fly shit away and fuck some gfs dawg..woohoo...

to potential GFs reading this, sorry I'm an innocent, honest and sincere person, I won't dare to fuck you because I have the most respect for you, sorry, I would love you day and night.

*hmmm something in my head, I should blog like a have a girlfriend, since people with gfs and bfs blog about each other's bfs and gfs...hmm I should, just to see how it feels like, to have a gf maybe, hahaha neat idea, my next post would be me going out with my gf, no first announcement that I have a gf, who cares lah if people think I'm nuts, percintaan terhancur anyways*

yah....and.....*yawns.... 12.18am shit gotta go bath make me some coffee and stay up through the night to finished up my assignment.

oh yeah something to be pissed about. at my fucking self for being last minute (i'm totally doing it again). I messed up my previous assignment and it was remarked as unacceptable by my tutor and says that I have to do it again. because of my fucking procrastination, fucking no drive for my studies, I gotta delay my revision for fucking this....oh fucker...

and was joking with another friend that our tutor is very bitchy because he check every sentence whether they are from the article that you cite.
wtf, he's a turkish you see, so I said why don't you fucking go back to turkey and dance in a fucking gay bar screaming GOBBLE GOBBLE at yer gay audience....fucker.

yeah why I procrastinated now, because a one day detail unexpectedly turned to a two day detail.

god, let me survive this night, and have officially given up on chasing any girls or falling in love because my mole tells me that I have percintaan terhancur, until the mole disappears, I shall have no gf, except for an imaginary one which is to come in the next post(kekekeke). If my mole stays with me till I'm 80, I shall be a bachelor for life.



izso said...

I suspect the "W" part of you would be capable of cursing and swearing too. XD

And chill la. Mole crap is exactly that - crap. They tend to generalise in their analysis and you associate the generalisation to your own situation.

And procrastination is because you don't have someone whipping you into doing your work. Worked for me. XD

Khirul said...

you are one angry teenager. are you still a teenager even?