Sunday, November 18, 2007

Congratulations Izso!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May your marriage be filled with LOVE and HAPPINESS buddy!!!
wooo hoooooooooooo!

your little presentation was very funny btw haha

Here's you in your jag
Image hosted by

and you walking across the dining hall
Image hosted by

were you nervous? kekekeke....


yapster said...

This is kinda late but anyways, congrats to yea Izso! dont know you personally but i know you're one of ken's personal yea, congrats!

Ey, holidays never update. sumore i expected you to blog about C&C3 or sometin since you're so free..i lagi free rite? now it's 6:30am and im typin ere..gosh.. -_-"

Tell me wen u go cc aite! ciaoz!

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

haha will do, update also i procrastinating already, playing call of duty 4, C&C3, watching kitchen nightmares, grey's anatomy, heroes, playing games o n, ultimate unproductive life....will update...tonight...

izso said...

c&c3? which one is that? Tiberien sun? And *gasp* this is the first real picture of me online! Hehe.. Nice shots btw. You really should consider investing in a good camera someday.

Yapster - thanks man.