Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Grandfather, if I had girls chasing after me too

“who did you like before mama?”

“no one, there was this teacher going after me when I was courting mama, I should’ve chosen her lah, mistake…”

“hah? Why? If you chose her then where got daddy, pak pak, lionel suk suk”

“why cannot, she also can give me the same wert”

”where can lah, you’re not proud of your sons ah? If you’re not I am”

“there was also this Ipoh girl chasing after me also, ask me go out to movies, go and eat with her, but I didn’t entertain her lah”

”Girls chasing after YOU?”

”yeah, what’s wrong?”

”what do they see in you?”

“brilliance, brilliant of a heart”

“HAHAHAHA, brilliance I can accept, brilliant of a heart, you? HAHAHA”

*we reach home, I opened the auto gate to drive my car in, my grandmother walks out*

”Why is that bloody stupid old woman out?”

momentary pause…

“To see you lah…hahahaha”

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izso said...

You can talk to your grandfather like that one ah? That's pretty cool man