Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I feel alive

Woke up early today with you on my mind early in the morning. I wished u good morning, and then changed and went to Kiara park. Jogged 4 laps on the lower part of the park. Exhausted, took a walk on the hill to cool down, reflecting on myself, reminding myself that everything I do, I do it for you.

While I was walking back to my car I was thinking about the talents I would like to have.
One of them is cooking, thought wanna go cooking class, and after watching many episodes of hell’s kitchen, kitchen nightmares…. How hard could it be.

So searched online for a cheese omellete recipe and tried to cook it. Came out looking like a pile of shit, haha. Taste was okay, not enough mint leaves and don’t have cheesy flavour, but it’s edible.

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One of my mission in operation to be a better man is to get a High Distinction for my business law(retaking) course this summer. So read and did the tutorial, and drew diagrams and such. Hopefully can keep persistence. Purpose; to prove to her that I am not a person who doesn’t care about education. To make myself worthy to be by your side.

So I arranged all my detailing contacts, washed my car, went jogging, finished my school work and I have extra time, oh yeah another one is to TOTALLY eliminate procrastination, I have free time, so kinda eliminating already. GOOD. Now if I can only call you to hear your voice, and let me tell you that I like u so very much….

Also while I was walking this morning, I answered a question that I’ve always wondered about, why do people always have enthusiasm? Many times I feel dead, I feel lost, my life isn’t worth living.

My answer to this is…I You are my inspiration, my motivation and my purpose. I have a purpose in life now, to make myself worthy to be by your side. And you are my purpose. And I hope I can live up to my words, which is, “I will wait….3-5 years”..I will wait….


izso said...

No wonder you posted that Q in the WAC forum.

Btw, don't lose contact, be a friend. Helps remind her that you'll always be there for her.

Pete said...

There's a website you should check out. It is dedicated to helping people find their purpose in life through articles, exercises and a free online test. Check it out:

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

*thumbs up*