Saturday, December 22, 2007

I know what my problem is

I am a selfish bad friend. I only care about myself, really. I care about what I want to watch, what I like but never about what people like.
When they go “This show is damn nice”.
I just go, “yalor yalor, haha it is very nice”

Fake shit!

Just agree with them. But I think, despite how much I hate fake people or being fake, I have to be fake. My friend tells me, don’t have to be fake, just be friendly. I think I have to be fake to be friendly because I don’t genuinely care about what the hell others think or want.

They like this and want that, I just laugh abit, give a smile and agree agree, and then I think they like me for that and then ego kicks in. woohooo, sohai meh….

So yeah, the next time I’m friendly at you, I am fake, because naturally, I am critical, quite hard to change but reduce lah, but I am, what I am…I think.

So next time if you tell me you like Bleach,
I will go “yeah yeah, Bleach, a lot of my friends also watch it”
In my mind I will be thinking, ‘sohai me, idiots watch anime lah’ (Just an example, I’m currently downloading 11.7GB/67 episodes of Yakitate Ja-Pan, in love with this anime because the main character is verry optimistic, honest and confident, everything I am not, hahaha)

So yeah, now it’s 7.07 am, haven’t sleep was out for family dinner, and then re-union dinner with college mates and then mamak and then to someone’s house and chat till 5.30am (About girls, men’s virginity, masturbation, and you know…boy’s talk, haven’t had these in a while, my other uni mates are all straight and proper, BORING), now trying not to sleep so I can go jogging later to wake up my brain. Past two days have been uber unproductive

SORRY Daniel Yap! I thought I not going to the dinner one coz I got family dinner, in the end I went there, late, so I didn’t call, Sue Anne wanted to call. It’s my responsibility to call sooo sorry didn’t call you. I belanja you 3 hours of Battlefield 2142 ok??

Yah past two days have been super unproductive because of my computer, the PROCRASTINATING MACHINE.

Serious shit, I wake up, sit in front of computer, didn’t even brush teeth, so many thigns to do on the com.

1) Check forums, which I have plenty of, detailing forums, one automotive forum. Check detailing sites for new products. Forums easily 2.5 hours.

2) Games, Battlefield 2142, I’m just dying to play this game with lotsa real players. This can easily fill up 2 hours of my day.

3) YOUTUBE. This cibai site is the procrastinator’s homepage man. I go there only don’t expect to see anything, in the end click on related videos watch click watch click watch click, then think of things to search and watch. One was Kelly Clarkson’s American Idol Final performance of A Moment Like This, goosebumps man…. Ya, plentiful of stuff, on YouTube, this one EASILY 1-6 hours. 1 hour pass then you think, aiyah one more video won’t hurt, then another and another, and it all adds up. It’s 3pm, aiyah one more video and I will do my work, 3.15pm, aiyah 15 minutes only, another video, by the time you start getting tired, it’s already 11pm and you feel sleepy already, your brain is dead from all the inactivity and you don’t feel like studying.

4) TV shows(Torrents). So it’s 11pm, I decide to go to sleep so I can wake up early tomorrow, but wait what’s on my folder of downloaded videos from torrents. Geee, A few movies, Kitchen Nightmares, Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes, Top Gear… So open one and watch lor, in the end watched again one full episode of Kitchen Nightmares(Campania episode rocks), and then open some Grey’s anatomy, boring, change to Top Gear, see some cars power sliding around, then 1am already. Then aiyah play “A BIT” of BF2142 lah, 1 hour gone, 2am.

Then only go sleep, I have to be the MOST unproductive guy on earth. I think I will be a very lousy boyfriend. Now procrastinated for 3 days and skip two days of class suppose to study to catch up during this period. Okay! 7.20am, the day is bright, wash face go jog! Right after listening to the Opening song of Yakitate Ja-Pan. Sing along to the song! Lyrics are below the video, hehe.

dokoka touku de mimi wo sumashiteru hito ga iru
arayuru basho de sora wo miageteru hito ga iru
yozora no shita de kuchibue fuiteru bokutachi wa
kotoba mo nai mama yubi de tada seiza wo nazotteru

samugariya no yume tsumetai kimi no te
atatameru mahou wa hitotsu no michi wo shinjiru koto

houki gumo no mukou ni mitsuketa hitotsubu no hoshi wa
kagayaku hoshi demo kasukana hoshi demo
kimi dake no hikari

mune no kumo no mukou ni mienai mama no michishirube
saa kono te wo hiraite ima nani wo shinjimasu ka


izso said...

Bread making with kung fu? Sounds interesting. I might go download it.

But I'm more a fight fight fight die die die fight sommore fight sommore anime kinda guy. Kinda like DGrayman, Mobile suite Gundam 00 and Bleach.

But that's me.

izso said...

And man, how do you stay awake that long? It'll start taking a toll on your body when you are my age. Hehe

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

don't download, u got ext hard disk? I'm 97% completing the download of all 69 episodes, 11.7gb, haha. I think u will like this, is funny(stupid, lame shit random funny)

izso said...

you da man. And that is my kinda show too. HAha.. gimme gimme gimme

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

haha when we go lunch come my house take hehe