Monday, January 28, 2008

well tired

my arms are weak, my legs are weak.
I detailed three cars in a week! And two of them want me to correct their paint in a day! which I usually needed two days, so it's quite rushing, and two cars were back to back so as I finished in the afternoon, have to quickly hand wash all my cloths and then hang them to dry in my room and then straight away slept, with the smell of sweat and polish.
But I like to do this, I learn new things with every car done, often at times, I feel like quitting during mid-detail.
Then when the car is done, and I look at the car as a whole, man I'm sure not as hell quitting this.

detailing gets me high.

I've read somewhere,

"find something that you are good at, it makes you valuable"

I won't say I'm good at this but probably better a bit than average.

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and then there is my sister's birthday

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Happy birthday Wong Ge!

I coined the term wong ge because her name is yvonne, and if you say yvonne girl very fast becomes

yvonne girl
yvonne girl
yiwong ge
yiwong ge
wong ge --TA DAAA, haha.

Oh and I seldom go to cybercafes anymore, but this fucking awesome game, makes it worth it. CALL OF DUTY 4! !!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!!

There's a cyber cafe in Aman Suria called TBun, damn that is the place for COD4.
COD4 is the new cs.
but it's definately not like CS, cs's graphics are basic and you can't really use it to your advantage.
In CoD4 with it's quite heavy graphics, the game doesn't lag at all. You can go prone (lie down) on the grass and it's difficult for enemies to spot you, I did it a few times and they would just walk past me and then I stand up and sprint to them pressing v, which is the hotkey for a knife/melee attack. And of course failed miserably and I got shot down instead by someone behind me, LoL.

There's another mode called Sabotage, you start at one end of the map where the otehr team starts at the other end, there's a bomb in the middle, the team have to fight fro the bomb and bring it to the enemy's starting point to plant it there.

This mode was fucking on. You will be busy typing stuff to your team.

Bomber's will say I got the bomb, clear right for me. Other's will say some flank left.

damn this shit is BETTER THAN MASTURBATING(well many things are, I'm sick so it applies more heavily towards me, har har), I kid you not, go try the game at aman suria at night during weekends, weekdays also got ppl.

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So now one more week till my final exam for my summer course. Haven't studied anything for about 3 weeks! @_@.... hope still can catch up.
I still need to arrange my appointments for February after CNY, and one in March.
And writing the process and uploading pictures for my customers to see.

phew.....tired like dog (and I'm not even working yet, how is a spoiled child to survive!)

Friday, January 11, 2008


Randomly, I googled Leonardo da Vinci quotes.

here are a few that I like

Life well spent is long.
Leonardo da Vinci

I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.
Leonardo da Vinci

Iron rusts from disuse; water loses its purity from stagnation... even so does inaction sap the vigour of the mind.
Leonardo da Vinci


Flyboys, a movie about pilots in world war one. I like how they start showing them through training, and the main protagonists meets a girl, in the middle of war. Showing genuine love for her. The main protagonist, with the character name Rawling lost his parents, and have nobody. And then he meets her, which I believe is wonderful and gives his life a whole new meaning.

A quote from the movie,

"We've got to find our own meaning in this world"

I constantly asked myself about my purpose in life, at one point I thought I found it. I thought that, that person is my purpose, but I guess I'm too weak and lazy to hold on to it.

Anyway I have asked others about my own purpose, but now realize it is not correct. each one of us have our own purpose, our purpose in life is not something general which applies to everybody. Each person has his/her own unique purpose...

.. and I'm still finding mine.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


“I like your brother lah, he’s like cool you know”

“Yeah, that’s why I don’t like”

“?? Why?”

“Action, like fake. I’m also a bit like that, that’s why I don’t like myself”

“You noob lah you, you must learn to love yourself”

This is something like what Izso told me. He’d gone to a program where people learn to be a better person. And (I think I’ve posted about this before) people would talk about themselves and later on, whoever likes this person, go to him and tell him the reason, for Izso it was because they liked him because he is expressive(which would be my reason as well :P) and then the next is people who don’t really like would go to him and they would say the same reason also, because he is expressive.

So I told this to my brother which is something similar. My uncle likes him because he is kind of ‘cool’, which I don’t like because I think it’s fake. So for the same reason there are people who like you and people who don’t like you for it.

If you try to please everybody and be accepted by everybody, you’d probably just destroy yourself. Yeah and my brother knows that I don’t like him coz of that haha, but I told him I like him because he’s my brother. 

The problem with me is, I DON’T LIKE a whole lot of people, I am very critical. There are many people who I don’t like, which probable vice versa they won’t like me too.

And at the same time, there are also people who love each and everyone of us (I’m not talking about Jesus or Allah or what). People who love everybody, I envy them, and sometimes it makes me feel sick (I’m immature for thinking this way). I believe this is something I have to learn to do, to love everybody. If I don’t I’d probably end up a lonely and bitter old man.

I deny your love
Because I am selfish
I deny your kindness
Because I am self-centered
I deny you
Because I deny myself.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


After driving down a certain road a few times and seeing a big black billboard of Korean superstar Rain with the caption “Saya guna CLEAR”(or something like that), I went ahead and bought it, trying something else than Head & Shoulders shampoo.

Since they got so much money to hire Rain to do their adverts, their shampoo must be good. And when I got home, only I read the back of the bottle,

Image hosted by

Mwahaha, after I use this got confidence already, can get gf already, mwahaha.

And then I searched youtube if there are any adverts as well.

Fuishehh, if I use CLEAR, I will be as cool as Rain man, surely can get hot chicks, hot chicks, chabors, you know. So very happy bought this chick magnet shampoo, kekeke.

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Autocar January 2008

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goood issue, cover story is worth the ten bucks already and inside got comparison between the BMW 1 series coupe (which will be in M'sia in the 2nd quarter of 2008, source:Autocar), Nissan 350z and a Porsche Cayman.

Sigh, reading all the good stuff about all these expensive cars make me want to drive one, don't have to own one but drive one already can. Dream, this is materialistic lah but, I have to accept self-imperfections also I think. Better to have a goal than none.

Haven't been soul searching lately. Haven't been very productive either, haven't been a good friend or a good person. Have been very selfish lately.
I also watched Death at a Funeral and one part of the show the daughter said to his old father, "If you don't sort out your attitude, you will be a lonely bitter man". Which makes me think of this and I think it applies to me.

I guess I can say I have friends, but none are like super close. Maybe that's what wives are for.

hmmm, anyway pointless post.

oh, Happy New year!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Night driving video


It's not fast, 13" wheels and botak Ducaro GA. Old 4G13 that eats engine oil. Lots of white smoke, but I enjoy it... mwahaha.