Saturday, January 05, 2008


After driving down a certain road a few times and seeing a big black billboard of Korean superstar Rain with the caption “Saya guna CLEAR”(or something like that), I went ahead and bought it, trying something else than Head & Shoulders shampoo.

Since they got so much money to hire Rain to do their adverts, their shampoo must be good. And when I got home, only I read the back of the bottle,

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Mwahaha, after I use this got confidence already, can get gf already, mwahaha.

And then I searched youtube if there are any adverts as well.

Fuishehh, if I use CLEAR, I will be as cool as Rain man, surely can get hot chicks, hot chicks, chabors, you know. So very happy bought this chick magnet shampoo, kekeke.

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Autocar January 2008

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goood issue, cover story is worth the ten bucks already and inside got comparison between the BMW 1 series coupe (which will be in M'sia in the 2nd quarter of 2008, source:Autocar), Nissan 350z and a Porsche Cayman.

Sigh, reading all the good stuff about all these expensive cars make me want to drive one, don't have to own one but drive one already can. Dream, this is materialistic lah but, I have to accept self-imperfections also I think. Better to have a goal than none.

Haven't been soul searching lately. Haven't been very productive either, haven't been a good friend or a good person. Have been very selfish lately.
I also watched Death at a Funeral and one part of the show the daughter said to his old father, "If you don't sort out your attitude, you will be a lonely bitter man". Which makes me think of this and I think it applies to me.

I guess I can say I have friends, but none are like super close. Maybe that's what wives are for.

hmmm, anyway pointless post.

oh, Happy New year!


izso said...

Dude - you shower with your specs on?

Better to have a goal than none - true dude.. true.

And better catch up on that Ford Mustang. I'm reaching my Porsche target really soon. XD

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

yeap, wash the specs as well mah.

Porsche??? what, eh, i only got 3 friends on my list, two that don't play so free points, one is you 100hp over, but won 2/3 against u just now, haha. eh dun so fast la.

u got alot of friends playing that?

izso said...

yeah. XD