Monday, January 28, 2008

well tired

my arms are weak, my legs are weak.
I detailed three cars in a week! And two of them want me to correct their paint in a day! which I usually needed two days, so it's quite rushing, and two cars were back to back so as I finished in the afternoon, have to quickly hand wash all my cloths and then hang them to dry in my room and then straight away slept, with the smell of sweat and polish.
But I like to do this, I learn new things with every car done, often at times, I feel like quitting during mid-detail.
Then when the car is done, and I look at the car as a whole, man I'm sure not as hell quitting this.

detailing gets me high.

I've read somewhere,

"find something that you are good at, it makes you valuable"

I won't say I'm good at this but probably better a bit than average.

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and then there is my sister's birthday

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Happy birthday Wong Ge!

I coined the term wong ge because her name is yvonne, and if you say yvonne girl very fast becomes

yvonne girl
yvonne girl
yiwong ge
yiwong ge
wong ge --TA DAAA, haha.

Oh and I seldom go to cybercafes anymore, but this fucking awesome game, makes it worth it. CALL OF DUTY 4! !!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!!

There's a cyber cafe in Aman Suria called TBun, damn that is the place for COD4.
COD4 is the new cs.
but it's definately not like CS, cs's graphics are basic and you can't really use it to your advantage.
In CoD4 with it's quite heavy graphics, the game doesn't lag at all. You can go prone (lie down) on the grass and it's difficult for enemies to spot you, I did it a few times and they would just walk past me and then I stand up and sprint to them pressing v, which is the hotkey for a knife/melee attack. And of course failed miserably and I got shot down instead by someone behind me, LoL.

There's another mode called Sabotage, you start at one end of the map where the otehr team starts at the other end, there's a bomb in the middle, the team have to fight fro the bomb and bring it to the enemy's starting point to plant it there.

This mode was fucking on. You will be busy typing stuff to your team.

Bomber's will say I got the bomb, clear right for me. Other's will say some flank left.

damn this shit is BETTER THAN MASTURBATING(well many things are, I'm sick so it applies more heavily towards me, har har), I kid you not, go try the game at aman suria at night during weekends, weekdays also got ppl.

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So now one more week till my final exam for my summer course. Haven't studied anything for about 3 weeks! @_@.... hope still can catch up.
I still need to arrange my appointments for February after CNY, and one in March.
And writing the process and uploading pictures for my customers to see.

phew.....tired like dog (and I'm not even working yet, how is a spoiled child to survive!)


izso said...

procrastinator maximus.


Time to get in gear dude. Better to be a detailer with a degree than a detailer without one.

And I get headaches from playing 1st person games except CS. The headshots were too addictive to be bothered with headaches.

The quitting halfway point kinda refers to my hiking too. Except there's turning back in hiking. Hehe

Lastly I'd say you're a lot better than "better a bit than average". :P

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

me too, I feel like vomitting after playing first-person shooter games for too long.

agree with your comment for degree without degree.

but disagree that I am ALOT better than average HAHAHA.

nolah u hike halfway already dun tell me turn back when the summit is within your sight right hehehe.


izso said...

That's Midships GTT!! Fuiyo.. your business is expanding man! Register the name la!