Thursday, March 27, 2008

cream of crop

Here's my cream of crop theory on girls and guys. I define a girl who's the cream of crop to have nearly everything, looks, personality, character. This girl is very attractive and surely, many guys will go after her. She of course has a choice to make, to see among the guys going after her, which one she will choose or say, fall for, or get attracted to. And of all these guys that she has the privilege choose from, I'm sure she will also choose the cream of crop guy, one who has the looks the personality and all that.

So what if you, a guy who is not cream of crop, likes a cream of crop girl, but may also be contending with a cream of crop guy? No chance at all? I think it really depends on the personality, looks not really that much, but what type of person that guy really is counts more.

In my case, maybe got a little little bit of looks la, but as a person, FAIL.
I know many other guys who are way better than me in terms of, list together with me ya.

Selflessness, yes I know who.

Humour, yes I know a few.

Macho-ness/male essence, oh a lot.

Committed , yes, I'm not very committed.


Attractiveness, to the girl la, I'm not gay, but don't think I'm attractive either.

Can give the girl a sense of security, alot I know, myself feel insecure, lagi cannot give girl security.

Hardworking, many, I'm lazy like shit, no worse then shit. Shit can slide down the toilet bowl, I'm as lazy and stagnant as a a rock.

Intelligence, most, I'm not the wisest guy around.

The point is, I know many guys who are better than me in almost every single way. So what's the solution to this dilemma? Don't go for a cream of crop girl.

And there's another one of my problem, I fall for girls tooo easily, they talk to me for 10 minutes with their long eyelashes fluttering, those sexy lips pouting when they want to act annoyed, laughing, and then in my mind goes something like

"wow, I wanna get together with this girl"

seriously, it does happen to me, and quite alot too.

yeah so normally cream of crop girls will normally get with a cream of crop guy. The cream of crop guy may not have the looks, but among all the bad looking guys going after this cream of crop girl, the cream of crop guy may have the greatest personality, so yeah. badaboom cream of crop girl and guy, tadah, success.

Sorry for my lame thinking, it's five thirty in the morning and I don't want to sleep because I have to send my sis to school at 6.45am.

So let's talk crap.

See this style of writing is weird, it's like I'm trying to attract attention, which is why I'm not being a very concentrated person right now. I'm not reflecting what's inside of me, rather, what's on the surface.



I tried meditating for two mornings the past two days. First day managed 15 minutes, and 2nd day 30 minutes. But that is not the goal, I tell you is freaking hard. Okay so what I do is sit crossed legged, with my right leg on top of my left. And the back of my hands on my knee and I sit up straight, I close my eyes, regulate my breathing and try to imagine a blue disc.

So the purpose of my meditation is to empty my mind and to think about focus on the blue disc itself. JUST the blue disc, NOTHING else.

And it's really really difficult, My room is quiet and yet my mind jumps here and there, thinking this and that, when I do manage to focus for a few seconds, I feel my mind is at ease and really relaxed, then I start thinking about other stuff, then focus back, in less than a second, the blue disc pops into another image. real difficult, and monks are supposed to be able to meditate in public, with the distractions around them, they are able to focus they're mind and remain clam the whole time. That'll be my goal.

and now switching off Buddhism mode and turn on materialistic mode.

I don't buy Hypertune anymore, but while browsing the car mags looking for the latest issue of Autocar, I saw her being featured, and I immediately bought the mag.

look at that,

Image hosted by

dressed like that and pouting her lips like that, NOSE BLEED!!!!

but no, this is not my idea of a cream of crop girl.

someone like her is,


izso said...

Man, in terms of looks Nat Fong is pretty damn close! (To the cream of the crop)

And sometimes you need to open your eyes and look at things around you. Have you ever noticed that hot chick in the arms of the fat dude who needs a lot of gym? Or the other hot chick who's holding the arms of this guy who looks like he's on drugs?

My point is cream of the crop chicks may not see the same things as you do. Their perspective may possibly be totally different - mainly because they ARE different people to begin with.

So my point is never try never know. As long as you don't come out sounding desparate.

izso said...

Oh.. and generic rule to all girls : they look for security, not looks.

izso said...

And oh man. That blue disc thing - you lasted 15 minutes??? I couldn't last 5!!

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

1st comment) yup, never sound desperate or show signs of neediness. And yes about hot chixx with fat blokes and handsome dudes with okay girls.
3rd) no I didn't mean I could sit and focus for 15 minutes. I tried it for 15 minutes, and in that duration probably only a minute got blue disc really focused

Dr. Tan said...

Hmm something wrong one arr you?

Dude, could you explain a little more about meditation please?

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

why something wrong with me?.... @_@ *puzzled*

erm...meditation, I'm not a pro, just know that it's supposed to help improve concentration, so I just try to do basic meditation and sit there and try to empty my mind and focus on just one object, the goal ultimately is to improve concentration.

izso said...

LOL.. having something wrong with you is way better than being normal. That way you're more interesting.. in a good way I hope!

So when we gonna expect to see the young-looking-dude with a hot chick? :D

Anonymous said...

Dude, i know what you mean man. I tried meditating before and it so freaking hard. Gotta respect the monks for being able to do it. But meditating helps the mind, its pretty good, helps with my temper.

Anonymous said...

oh oh Jian by the way -_-

footiam said...

Author, maybe, there's no point in looking at the other guys and seeing how much better they are compared to you. Maybe, the trick is looking at the good things you have and if not, how to change that. You need not have to compete with others. Afterall, good or bad is subjective and your friends may be admiring you secretly about all your good qualities which you never think you have. And your type of meditation - concentrating on a blue disc. I wonder where you learn that. I have read that if you concentrate on red colour, you may end up starting a fire with your mind. Blue - maybe you can walk on water! But achieving all those powers is not the aim of meditation. And I don't know if meditation is really about emptying the mind. Emptying your mind may make you stupid, I suppose since there is nothing in there! I believe it is more about being aware. Anyway, if you find it to concentrate during sitting meditation, you can always try walking meditation. I have a post just on that because you request it. I'll add in sitting meditation perhaps two posts from now, maybe three depends...

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

haha don't think will ever be with a hot-chick lah, yesterday was discussing this over firneds, and there was this girl there, who doesn't have a bf also and then we talked about why we don't have and found that we were very similar in many ways like, low confidence/self-esteem. And a few more points, ppl like us, our character like, don't really find the neadiness in having a gf I think. Not that it is a good thing because sometimes I do but sometimes I just think, ah just let it be.

hey bro long time no see, how are you.

Hi, I appreciate you making that post in your blog about walking meditation, I've read it and understand what you mean by creating awareness in our body posture, a small buddhist studies book I've read also said that we always should be aware of our posture, whether we are sitting or walking or standing. But they didn't really tell us how to do it, you post answered my questions about it, thanks very much!

I will try it.
Hmm maybe I shouldn't say empty the mind but focus on one thing, and nothing else. So if I am focusing on a blue disc, the blue disc is the only object or colour that should be in my mind. Ironically, when you said blue may remind me of water it does. First I focus on the blue disc against a black background, then now I slowly finding myself focusing on an image of a blue disc on top of a vast ocean (water).....
Thanks again for your post, please do just take your time with the sitting meditation.

footiam said...

You are welcome Kenneth. Yes, I'll take me time on the sitting meditation. I always take my time, never let other rush me unnecessarily. I can be rushed though, but it depends on the situation. You still haven't said where you learn this form of meditation and is there a name for this type of meditation?

yapster said...

Looks, either you're born with it or not. Character, you can build it as long as you don't give up. I'd rather have a girl that loves me for who i am, than a girl that loves me for what i am or what i look like. Same thing goes for the girl. Meditate on

izso said...

well said dude, well said.

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

err...yeah I think we're on the same page?