Saturday, March 15, 2008

Plain white rice

You know today, I was rushing to uni to prepare for a group presentation. I knew I had a busy day ahead because after that I will have to review and then plan the times for my group and another partner to get together next week. As I am running the things that I will do through my head, one included what was I going to have for lunch, I saw the picture of the Mayo Chicken Chop rice which I wanted to try but always finish by 2pm, so I'm imagining the sweetness of the Mayo and the crispiness of the chicken. And then after I'm done I would want to go to Sunway Pyramid and spend 10 bucks on initial D ver. 4 because it's very very very fun. So I reach the parking lot, which was almost full, and had to park quite far away from the entrance to the university.

I get down from my car and walk cheerily to the entrance, on the way there I saw one of the cleaning lady that's responsible for cleaning the outside of the campus sitting near a pillar eating her lunch, she was wearing a large straw hat, so if I was next to her , she can't see me because of the hat. Out of curiosity, I looked into her blue container to see what she was eating. I saw alot of rice, and then trying to find if there was any fish, chicken, vegetables. What I saw was at the corner of the square container filled with rice, was some sambal, which was less than a quarter teaspoon. You can barely see the sambal, just the colour colouring the rice around it.

And then I suddenly felt sorry for her, I was thinking of eating some delicious lunch and then going to the arcade to have fun, all to satisfy my sensual desires, but she is eating just rice for lunch. It's hard to imagine being her, sweeping the leaves to a side, seeing students drive their cars and parking them in the parking lot, getting down from their car dressed to impress, wearing expensive gadgets and jewelry. Going to hang out with friends, having delicous food, anything that they wish to have. And she is just having plain white rice. Everyday. Sometimes I see people like this, for example, someone picking up cans from dustbins and drains, I feel like giving them money, but I don't know if I would insult them and indirectly telling them that

"hey you are not capable of earning money, here take some money"

or that's just the way my small mind thinks. I feel like bringing that cleaning lady on a date, and then buying her a delicious lunch, and make her feel appreciated. But I don't have the guts.

sigh. Sad.


izso said...

Who said being nice involves giving her money? Buy some fried chicken or something and offer it to her la.

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

isn't that the same?

izso said...

Not really. If you buy 2 chickens, eat one and offer the other as a friendly gesture, then it's eating with her, not giving her a charity.

footiam said...

Hey, author. I left a note about your grandmother just a while ago. Again here, it pointed that you are very good inside. You don't have to forgo a delicious expensive lunch just because others have less to eat.Just live your life and you can sympathize as well as help others along the way. Giving money to others isn't always a good thing to do. There must be a good reason. If you give money to someone who doesn't need it or appreciate it, you might as well throw it into a drain. At least, you can hear it make a splashing sound!

izso said...

No no no.. no money drain throwing. Throw it my way! You'll hear me laughing all the way to the bank! Better than splashing!