Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Progress Report Day 1

I started at 9.35 am after finish meditating, straight to my books, and then have to do assignment, so switched on the computer.
Now finding it really hard to resist, procrastinated a bit by visiting Buddhism sites, izso's blog, and checking e-mail. Thinking of unplugging the LAN cable, but scared later customer email then have to reply. So must really have the concentration/focus/will-power.

4.30pm : concentration ran out, so meditated for 15 minutes, and then read newspaper for about an hour! argh. Come back to computer, visited one forum and one blog. Finding it really hard to resist to play on round of Formula1 game.

6.57pm: Barely progressed with my overdue assignment.

12 midnight: Bad, major procrastination because I put detailing as one of the things I can do, I forgot to put study related stuff, currently assignment as my top priority, so I allowed myself to do the detailing stff thinking "hey this isn't procrastinating" but...doom


izso said...

I think instead of depriving yourself of whatever you wanna do, you should consider setting a schedule.

Early Morning - Meditate
Mid Morning - Formula F1 game 1 hr
Late Morning - Assignment
Afternoon - Assignment
Late Afternoon - Check emails

That sorta thing. Easier than giving into temptation. Rearrange it to suite your need but don't deviate.

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

the problem is, I deviate alot.
mid morning Formula F1 game 1hr then aiyah another hour won't hour and another and another....then only wanna check email then the whole time on the net....till at night and OH NOOOOO

izso said...

Well.. 1 hr for F1 game is just not enough. I can play Kanes Wrath (C&C) for 2 hours straight and not realise it. So maybe you can set a more realistic time. So get assignment done first, or at least start on it, then play the game for a bit, continue assignment, eat, emails, etc.

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

Yup what you wrote there is ideal if I started assignment like two weeks ago so I can have an easy pacef with it. but you know me, starting something that early must be a miracle. haha