Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Progress Report Day 2

7.39am: Went to youtube kind off automatically, then closed the browser before the video loaded. And got ill wil when I fetch my bro to school, because when I reach there my sis got down and he still tying the shoes in the car, then ask for allowance then complain about the school got spot check and he needs to buy a belt. I was like "Why early early never buy, now only complain, STUPID". Then when he got off the car he leg kena my door jamb panel, making it come out, then in my mind lah "mahai.....fucking dumb"....but I just calmly said "never mind just throw back inside". Still because I thought those thoughts......I still have ill will.

9.00am: bath and meditate, noticed that I can focus and get into a slow breathing state faster than yesterday

10.30am: so I was doing my overdue assignment right, and then wondering how much marks I will get penalized for being erm 3 days late. I E-mailed the lecturer, and this is how the e-mailing went.

arranged in chronological order

Dear Dr. Michael Yap,
> May I know how many percentage points or
marks will be deducted from
> my
> total marks if my submission for ECW3301
assignment is tomorrow on
> April
> 10th 2008. The submission date was April
7th 2008.
> Thank You
> Sincerely yours,
> Tang Chee Fei (20222033)

I have posted up the notice that there will
be no collection after 8
> April
> 2008. I have extended the deadline from
the original date by 3 days.
> You
> should have submitted by now.

*by this time I was like WTFFFFF! cause if not mistaken
if I fail the assignment,
straight away will fail the whole course, means I will
have to re-take again, and
I was like regretting like alot. oh man oh man
what did you get yourself into again Kenneth.....So I
hit the compose button lor,
and then thinking what to type, during that time...he
posted me another e-mail*

You can still submit but there will be a penalty.

*but I didn't see it coz I was still thinking what to
write to him as an appeal*

Dear Dr. Michael Yap

I understand the situation and fully accept my
Is there any way that I can appeal for a submission
I will highly appreciate your sympathetic kindness
if I can have a second
I will have to discontinue this unit if I don't.

Thank you very much.

*as you can see at this point I'm pretty much
DESPERATE , then I went back to
inbox and saw his second reply and was like..
eh?? so fast reply? huh?,then he
send another e-mail*

Please see my latest e-mail to you.

saved Rm2,750!!!* frigging 'insaf'
and then straight away do my assignment and
in the evening fetch brother and
sister go tuition thencome home, do till
next morning and go to uni

12:00 midnight, at this time in McD with
some friends for our study session,
I was there to read up for my assignment
til the next morning.

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footiam said...

Hei, you did well, youknow, with all that mahai feeling and yet being able to keep cool!

izso said...

If you really didn't have ill will, I don't think you'd be human. I think even the dalai lama has a certain amount of tolerance and eventually will have ill-will

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

well maybe once in a blue moon only can control, usually I will instantly raise my voice

I don't think the Dalai Lama has ill will! footiam if you read this, what do you think. Is the Dalai Lama an arhat? a perfected one with no sensual desires, ignorance and ill will?

izso said...

No one is perfect. The Dalai Lama probably has seriously good control, no doubt. But there will be a tolerance point and everyone will explode if reached.

Anyway, no offense intended.

As for study sessions and working non-stop, you really need to work on that schedule dude.

footiam said...

Kenneth, I don't know under what situation you raise your voice but some people need that or they'll sleep!
And yes, I happen to read your message to your friend. I really don't know about Dalai Lama. I would like to think of him as someone nice but a friend of mine says he is a hypocrite. I don't really know and I don't really care. Arhat or not, I aspire to be good inside and outside and it's not easy. I raise my voice too especially during my younger days and I don't live to regret! You shouldn't too but just be yourself. You are nice enough!

lareina said...

omg the last part of this entry made me laugh at loud. u better tc, one day he google his name and sees it here mati u.

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

your are very kind with your words sir ....thanks.

dah tukar nama ke? hehe, dun worry if u google his name.

you will end up with links to his profile and publishing, not to my blog...haha

lareina said...

dunno. was my name mia before? cuz my blogger nick is lareina :P cant remember.