Thursday, April 10, 2008

Progress Report Day 3

6.00 am: still doing my assignment and have to get ready to go to uni, no time to meditate, so i didn't

12.30pm: bloody finished my assignment, so relieved and handed it in. Been trying to avoid games, TV and music altogether. On day one had a strong urge to listen to Dixie Chicks-Travelling Soldier, then tried to control and not open winamp, slowly now my desire to listen to it has weakened.

12.51pm: After handing in my assignment, I had free time, although I have 3 weeks of reading to catch up with, I didn't bring my books to read, so have to wait till 4pm until lecture starts. Was thinking to go Sunway Pyramid to have lunch after seeing some Wendy's advertisements on lampposts along the way. And then play Initial D4 later on. But then no games I'm in my uni library typing this. I would go home and skip my lecture but have to fetch neighbour home later, which I don't mind really(coz neighbour's a she haha).

1.25pm: haven't eat breakfast or lunch, waiting for cafeteria to get empty so I can slowly enjoy my temporary freedom. Now just sitting here....oh yaya let me tell u a story. I was doing my assignment in the library right, and then I needed to pee so I went to the toilet(you don't say...) So went inside the cubicle, unzipped my pants, pulled out my *you don't wanna hear the rest I think*, and then came out from the cubicle, as I was tightening my belt, this arabian/pakistani girl came in, she quickly ran and kneel infront of me with her head facing my...
Nolah kidding, but a girl did came in and then she looked at me and was like "ehhhhh...OH SORRY SORRY" then quickly went out , haha I was laughing to myself while I washed my hands, then when I came out of the toilet she was telling ehr friend that she entered the boys' toilet. LoL, I also kinda laughed and told them

"Luckily I was using the cubicle"

hahaha I made a joke to a stranger o.o . yeah get it? coz if was using the wall urinal thingy she would've seen a male peeing in action(and probably my gargantua anaconda), hahaha. yeah so her friend laughed abit and then I just walked off, laughing still in my head. K nothing else to say (as of 1.39pm), will meditate when I get home after a shower. Trying not to fulfill my sensual desires....i don't know if it will get harder or easier by the end of the week.

oh I just found out that a few days ago Buddhists don't believe in God(the creator of all things)
here's what buddhism says about god

I'm also ithcing to get this racing steering wheel(RM320),en

but that's a waste of money only to fulfill my sensual desires, so I shouldn't get that. But I wanna use it to play my F1 game~~~~~~~~

Arhat...control and tame the monkey mind......

7.40pm: send bro to tuition
8.00pm: park car nearby, sleep
9.30pm: fetch bro home
10.00pm: sleep, too tired to update. Although I would say that I did had quite alot of ill will when I was talking to my friends in Uni. bye. zzz


izso said...

*Pats you really hard on your back*

Good on you dude. And those jokes usually are easier when it's not you being humiliated. Did you check to confirm if the toilet really was the gents? Haha

And even that situation would've been a good situation to get to know a girl. Could've introduced yourself and offered to show her around the college toilets. Seriously.

And regarding the steering wheel, yeah it is a waste of money. Once the game is over and done with, you'll never use it again. And man the things I could do with RM320.

Save up and blow it on a decent rim and tyres for your new ride man.

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

hahaha thanks, but she isn't really the hottie, but her friend was ahhaha *materialistic*.

wow u can read my mind, I would lvoe to have rims like yours. how much did it cost u?

footiam said...

Kenneth, you can really write. It's funny and I am getting impressed! This and a few other posts in the form of report - that really reminded me of my experience meditating in a retreat. I suppose I should write a post about that just for you! I suppose you have read my short post on sitting meditation at As you can see, the meditation I have learned is different from yours; yours I believe helps in concentration but it perhaps does not help in making you aware of the fluctuating situation around you; I don't know but you seem to be very aware of your anaconda!

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

kind sir, please don't get impressed, I have nothing to be impressed about. Actually because when people compliment me I will go on an ego trip, so I'm just an average guy. Yes sir I have just read it actually, sorry because didn't return there in quite a while. Thanks very much for the post, I appreciate your effort :)

izso said...

My rims? I got mine off someone I know in the office. He was selling and I wanted to buy. RM900 including beat up tyres. So after a change about RM1200 plus minus. I think you can get similarly priced rims brand new. Let me know if you decide to go rim shopping, I think Alexhang and myself have some places you can check out.

Btw, 15" on a 1.3 might not be fantastic, so we'll see how yeah?

footiam said...

Kenneth, many people will go on an ego trip when praised. That's not an arhant, I suppose but then we are all human. We have flaws. Recognize these flaws and remove these gradually and smartly. I understand that you are busy with your life, especially with your assignment; so, I am not surprised if you have not been to my blog at Dhamma Delights. I didn't ask you to visit all my six blogs yet! But, it's ok. Do what you are suppose to do; especially your assignment. It may spell your future life. Part of the problem you are undergoing, if problem is the word perhaps is this stage of uncertainty you are going through. I don't know if this detailing thing is something you do for a living but if it is not, you could be probably worried about what life has in store for you. YOu seem to me to have all the good things in life, material things, I mean and if they are from your parents, the worry in you could be bigger than one could visualise. It may not be right; I may just be talking about myself when i was your age; but at this age, with a career, I am a lot at peace. Perhaps, you are facing the problem and time will bring you peace.