Sunday, April 13, 2008

Progress Report Day 5

Didn't have time today also, when wake up straight away bath get ready and off to this team of guys' house. They service and do anything that has to be done in the engine bay. So they are overhauling this car and asked me to help them detail it.

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But I did make one mistake in the morning, a monk (don't know real or fake) came in when the gates are open, under peer pressure I just ignored him because in society people will just tell them off.

What I should have done was put my palms together at chest level, bowed to him and offer him some money for food because monks cannot take what is not given(one of the Buddhist precepts). Not react under peer pressure and just ignore him. Now I wonder how far he has to walk and ask before he can ask money for his lunch...damn. Doesn't matter he is fake or not, although my dad did tell me not to give any money to people wearing robes etc. etc. because they are all fake.

But one of my mentors during pre-u said that, doesn't matter they are fake or not, as long as you gave, if they are true then you have benefited them greatly, if they are fake, then just let them be, it's not causing you a major detriment.

ish, feel so regret now that I ignored that monk, if he was true he is a much higher level than me and I should have greatly respected him, I've failed as a Buddhist today. :(


Dr. Tan said...

I once read that by causing harm to enlightened people, we will be punished in hell for that.

Seek guidance from a sifu about differentiating real and fake monks.

Chances are high that those monks are fake anyway because apparently they are not allowed to approach us; and also, we're not allowed to give anything with accounting value in them. Economic value (food), yes; accounting, no.

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

oh I DIDN'T KNOW THAT! cool thanks, I need to find out from a pro

footiam said...

Kenneth, if I were you, I wouldn't worry too much. Fake or real, does it matter? The fact is you didn't give and it's over. As you have said, your mentor has advised you to give and it does not matter if the monk is fake or not. I would agree because either way, you are helping. You help a fake monk who needs food or a true monk who needs food. Now that you haven't, so be it. Your lesson should be one should do the right thing even under pressure. It's a great lesson!

izso said...

I don't think there are any temples near your place. Monks apparently aren't supposed to have creature comforts like shoes, so if he was wearing any and walked that far away, then more likely than not he was a fake.

And nice job on the engine detailing!

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

footiam - "Your lesson should be one should do the right thing even under pressure", 110% agree with your statement, thanks footiam.

izso - Hmm, I think he did have shoes on, well not shoes, but those slipper looking things. yeah anyway fake or not, should have helped.

Thanks for the compliment! how is the wax and grease remover? can remove the adhesive on your doors?

izso said...

Elbow grease my friend, lots of elbow grease. It's slowly coming out. Painstakingly slow but it is coming out.